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Bow-Tie in a Diamond

It’s a common fact a beautiful diamond should have every ray of light entering through the table facet back through it. But not all the stones are perfectly cut also known as poor make. For fancy cut stone such as oval, the imperfect cut is in the form of a “bow-tie” which appears as its name implies.

A diamond with bow-tie is a darkened area that runs across the width of the body of the diamond which literally resembles a man’s bowtie. The degree of the bow-tie carries a significant relation with the “cut” of a diamond. This manifests when diamond’s facets fail to reflect light properly regardless of any direction you turn the diamond making the stone dull. It is important to know, however, that bow-tie is not caused by leakage of light but mainly created by the obstruction of light when viewing the stone. When a person looks at the stone, the light rays that travel through the stone get shielded by the person’s head. And this obstruction brings dark looking shadows that get reflected within the diamond.

Which Sparkles More Cushion Cut or Asscher Cut Diamond?

When it comes to sparkle it is better understand the nature of these two diamonds. Cushion cut diamond that comes from the group of brilliant cut aims to deliver sparkle whereas asscher cut diamond is made to show “clearness”. Not all cushion cut diamonds, however, characterize same quality of brilliance. The “crushed ice” type of cushion sparkles more than the classic cushion stone.

 Sparkle on Clarity

 The role of sparkle and brilliance affects the clarity in the form if visibility of flaws in a diamond. Since a cushion cut diamond carries more brilliance the inclusions are less visible than an asscher cut of the same clarity. When you decide for an asscher cut diamond you need to consider the location and size of its inclusion in order to get a more shiny stone.
Sparkle on Color

Sparkle of a diamond greatly affects the color. When you compare 2 diamonds with visibility of yellowish tints, the diamond with more sparkle will look less in color because the more sparkle the less yellow tint shows.

By popularity, since a cushion cut diamond gives more sparkle people tend to choose it over an asscher cut. Cushion cut stone appears much better because it has more sparkle and brilliance softening visible coloration of a diamond.

Cushion-Cut Brilliant or Cushion-Cut Modified Diamonds? Which Should You Choose?

Cushion- cut diamonds remain quite popular and have remained popular for decades. Two of the most loved types of cut cushion diamonds remain the cushion brilliant, and the cushion modified brilliant cuts. What’s the difference between these two cuts? And why should you look for these cuts of diamonds when shopping for a wholesale diamond Los Angeles? Here’s the information you need to make the right choice when buying cushion-cut Los Angeles engagement rings.

Cushion-Cut Brilliant Diamonds

Cushion-cut brilliant diamonds refer to the faceting of the stone. This diamond cut uses perpendicularly cuts diamonds. These facets resemble triangles.

The triangular angles cut into a cushion cut brilliant diamond were developed and pioneered by Marcel Tolkowsky. Diamonds cut in this way produce an increased amount of brilliance and fire, enhancing the looks of the diamond. The outline, or basic overall shape, of the gem, remained the same.

The overall look of the cushion-cut brilliant diamond might look like a star internally. It also looks like a pillow or a cushion shape with significant, brilliant facets. The shape, sparkle, and fire of a cushion-cut brilliant diamond make them a trendy choice in diamonds.

Cushion-Cut Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut modified brilliant stones have some similarities to the original shape of the cushion brilliant’s shape. A cushion modified brilliant diamond has an extra row of facets directly under the girdle. The pavilion’s facets don’t reach the girdle, however. The diamond’s facets resemble a flower shape.

Diamonds with a cushion modified brilliant-cut contain exceptional sparkle. Some experts call the sparkle of this diamond’s cut a “crushed ice” appearance. Cushion-cut modified brilliant diamonds allow cutters to save weight when the stone is cut, plus there remains less demand for the cushion modified cut. For these reasons, the cushion modified brilliant-cut diamond usually costs less than does the cushion -cut brilliant diamond. Rely on your jewelry expert for excellent advice on the type of cushion-cut diamond you should choose for your engagement ring.

Make Your Engagement Special with a Breathtaking Diamond Ring

Knowing and gauging every one of your choices will enable you to locate the most beautiful diamond for your engagement ring. You can make yourself insane, trying to look out for all the data about diamonds and how to locate the one you need. Be that as it may, once in a while, you might not have the opportunity to experience everything. You need an approach to help yourself to remember all that you’ve learned rapidly. When you’re searching for the most delightful diamond for your Los Angeles Engagement Ring, remember these five things.

1. CUT

Specialists concur the diamond’s cut and polish are the most significant contemplation with regards to its general excellence. You’ve no doubt seen somebody with a diamond ring that is by all accounts lit from inside as it flashes with each move of the hand. Flare originates from light reflecting outside of the diamond. The light enters the diamond from the top and refracting off of the inside surfaces and returning out. It’s called light return. Scattering is what creates many colors you can see as the diamond moves.

Another factor influencing the light return is the balance of the precious stone cut, just as its polish. A well-made diamond with an incredible cut and polish will show more flashes of light and color than a diamond with some cut and a second-rate polish work. Now and again, there’s a polish grade on a diamond certificate; at times there’s most certainly not.


The cut isn’t the diamond shape. The reduction makes the shape; however, shape likewise influences how splendid and reflective your diamond is. For the most extreme effect, a round diamond can’t be beaten for sparkle and glimmer. The evenness made by the round shape can reflect, refract and scatter practically all the available light (if the cut and polish are high). You may keep running into the expression “round brilliant cut“. This cut has 58 features and is commonly consented to make the best open door for the incredible play of light all through the diamond. Square and princess cuts are also familiar shapes for Engagement Diamond Ring and are accessible in splendid cuts.

3. Color

There are different levels of color in a white diamond. The top evaluations go to colorless diamond; at that point, the measure of yellow tint develops as you get to know the line in diamond color. To a degree, the less color in a diamond, the more splendid and increasingly astounding the play of light will be. A well-cut round diamond will frequently give you greater adaptability in color — the cut to some degree covers little color contrasts. A square or princess cut may enable a touch of shades to appear at the corners.

4. Setting

The setting can influence how stunning you jewel is, in or over the band, and which valuable metal you pick can both works to upgrade its brilliance. When thinking about how to set your center stone, remember that a prong setting lifts the diamond away from or more the band. Letting in light from pretty much every point and complementing the precious stone‘s magnificence. Even though it might resemble a fragile setting, platinum prongs are robust and secure.

The side stones in some bands can likewise help elevate the general fantastic look of a Diamond Engagement Ring, particularly the numerous minor diamonds of a pavé or other undetectable setting. A corona setting can also amplify the diamond look by encompassing the middle stone with a ring of a smaller diamond. White metals can highlight the brilliant white look of a precious stone. A matte completion enables the diamond to become the dominant focal point, while a glossy conclusion has the most extreme effect. On the opposite part of the arrangement, yellow gold includes a component of warmth to an engagement ring.

5. Trust an expert

Nothing will make your diamond engagement ring shopping simpler than the assistance of the accomplished experts in a jewelry store. They can let you have all the information about the 4Cs, and show you various diamonds and its styles with all right settings.

Guidelines on How to Purchase an Engagement Diamond Ring in Los Angeles

Purchasing an engagement ring can be a mind-boggling task. There’s a great deal of stressing out on this great purchase. It’s an image of your adoration for your better half, is a token of readiness to take the relationship a level up. Furthermore, it will be an object of display to their loved ones.

For some men, the purchase of their woman’s engagement ring will be their first experience in the wild wild world of a great many pieces of jewelry. When they stroll into a jewelry store, they immerse with terms and ideas that they’ve never heard. Tiffany setting? Time everlasting band? Never dread. Here assembled is an ultimate guideline for assistance when you are out buying a Los Angeles Engagement Ring that your better half will flip over. Let’s begin with a significant task.

Make It A Surprise

According to many jewelers, they have seen many men coming with their girlfriends to select a ring. While letting your significant other to-be choose the ring she needs guarantee that the ring fits and that she loves it. This is something which denies you a unique chance to demonstrate how insightful and sentimental you are.

Envision the appearance of amazement your better half will have when 1) you will be proposing her, 2) the ring fits her well, and 3) the Engagement Diamond Ring you picked is what she needed. If you can effectively pull off this trifecta of shocks and surprises, you will be the subject of desirous discussions among your girlfriend’s friends. Your future relative will say you’re a trick, and men around you will quietly recognize your accomplishment. Making the engagement ring an unexpected will take some work; however, it’s justified even despite the speculation.

It is not necessarily the case that astounding her is the best way to go. A few ladies will demand that they oblige you to select the ring. Do what you and your better half believe is ideal.

Discover Her Ring Size

This is where a lot of men spoil in the acquiring procedure. They’ll have the ideal ring chosen, yet they misunderstand the size of the ring for their girlfriend. When they are on their one knee and endeavor to slide the ring on their woman’s finger, it doesn’t fit and clumsiness results.

If you misunderstand the size ring, all isn’t lost. You’ll need to return the ring to the jeweler and fork over some more cash to get it appropriately fitted. It’s ideal to dodge the expense and the potential humiliation at proposing time by ensuring the ring you pick is the correct size.

The ideal approach to get your better half’s ring size is to get a ring that she isn’t wearing. You can take it to the jewelers to be estimated. If you need to keep up the unexpected factor, you’ll be tricky about this.

Be Confirmed About Her Style

You need to pick a ring that accommodates your lady’s one of a kind style and inclinations. Getting a ring that she’s ecstatic for will score you sentiment focuses that will endure forever. Once more, given the strange idea of the commitment proposition, you will need to outfit your inward James Bond for this style observation. When you’re with your better half, observe the kind of jewelry she wears.

Does she wear a ton of gold? Possibly she’s a silver or platinum lady. Maybe the perfect diamond ring would make her closer to you and your liking. Does she like essential, downplayed pieces? Or on the other hand, does she support the enormous, captivating jewelry?

Consider her character; would she says she is an active young lady who you know is going to need to show off her ring to everybody she meets? At that point, go for something significant and sparkly. Is it accurate to say that she is a natural lady, who doesn’t wear much jewelry by any means? Search for rings that are basic, yet lovely.

Another approach to figure out her Diamond Engagement Ring inclinations is to bring her directly into a jewel store. The way into this is to go under another guise.

How To Select The Best Diamond Engagement Ring

What is an engagement ring? The ring is worn on the ring finger (which according to tradition contains the vein amoris). This vein passes through the left ring finger that connects directly to the heart. Traditionally, it is offered by a man to his lady when she agrees to marry him. The origin of the tradition of giving a ring is not precise, but it is believed that it comes from the Egyptians. In those times, gold rings were offered as a symbol of a serious relationship. However, now it’s all about the glorious and gigantic diamond. Today, our guide is on how to select the best diamond engagement ring in Los Angeles.

Many times men arrive at the store with the desire to find the perfect diamond engagement ring to ask for the hand of the love of his life. But many times, they have no idea how that engagement ring should be. It is merely a matter of organizing several points so that you find the most sparkling diamond engagement ring in Los Angeles that you would like so much to give to your beloved.

1. The style

While it may seem that choosing a diamond engagement ring for another person is not easy, you know very well the person you are going to marry and their tastes. It is valid if you feel disoriented in how the ring you like can be! Conveniently, you ask a friend or sister, your closest friend, or someone you think can also help you get clues. Nevertheless, an elegant diamond ring, with a stone in the center gives that touch of sobriety.

2. Budget

You need to set a budget for a diamond ring. Yes, you will have to! You can find rings of all possible prices, so you will need a price range to start contemplating and discarding. There is a protocol used for the budget of the engagement ring. It is that the ring should cost three months of a man’s salary.

3. The diamond and its type of cut

Several factors increase the value of the diamond and, therefore, make it look brighter and more spectacular. We can recommend that you look for excellent cut diamonds. These reflect almost all the light that enters and make the ring look amazing. You should also consider the color of the diamond. There is a classification from D to Z. Diamonds D, E, F, and G are the closest to being colorless diamonds.

The diamond that suits you is the most colorless possible, of course, considering the established budget. Another thing will be the cut of the diamond. The most popular is the round cut, but you can give a different touch with the pear, princess, marquise, oval cut, among others.

Metal color

All right, you’ve already chosen the diamond. Now you’ll have to select the color of the frame material. White gold is the one most frequently chosen today because of its great versatility and elegance. But do not get carried away 100% for this, maybe your partner likes yellow gold or rose gold. So it will be a matter of you observing what kind of tone is your beloved’s favorite.


Complete this act of love with how you will propose the ring can be in an intimate dinner, on a trip, a request with the presence of your family or if it is something that both would like as a public proposal, go ahead. The important thing is to have planned how you will give it.

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring for the love of your life, we recommend you visit Los Angeles Diamond Seller. We will gladly guide you based on your needs, tastes, and requirements.

Things You Should Know To Build Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring in Los Angeles

Once you find the women of your dreams, your soul mate, and the ultimate love of your life, all you want is to put a ring on her. Now, wanting to design your own engagement ring that’s just as unique as her is nothing surprising to anyone.

With so many varieties available these days, it’s still hard to find something that your partner will absolutely fall in love with. For such instances, if you want more meaning behind the ring, a custom engagement ring is the answer to all your confusions. We get how tired and done you must be after browsing all the jewelry stores online and in town. Considering how madly you are in love, we bring you an opportunity to design your own custom engagement ring in Los Angeles. In this guide, you’ll find the perfect way to customize that first symbol of your shared love!


Budget is undoubtedly a thing that can make or break your engagement ring. If you go wild on the selection and hand-pick every single gem and diamond for it, only to end up feeling bad about the whole experience because you are unable to pay the price for it. To help yourself avoid this embarrassment, you should first fix a certain budget and then think to select the rest of the elements for a ring.

Identify her personal style

Before making any creative decision, it’s important to understand what she would really appreciate. If it’s not suiting her taste, then no matter how much perfect or expensive Los Angeles engagement ring is, she won’t be able to fall in love with it. So, before planning a proposal, you better start identifying her likes; notice what type of jewelry she wears, what her style sense is. Find if she likes white or gold, and go about your customization keeping all the noticed details in mind.


Your jeweler is the person who will bring your ring to life. Find someone who shares your vision because only he can add the accurate style and feel in the ring while looking after the technical aspects carefully. Working with an experienced jeweler is of high importance here. Your lady is going to wear this ring forever, so make sure it is a well-made, unique piece of the highest quality.

Now, hand-pick every component wisely with love. The stone is the most prominent component of the entire Los Angeles engagement ring design. Based on your findings of her style sense, you need to pick the perfect stone that will instantly catch her attention – this may become the highlight of your proposal (obviously after your love for her). While having your custom engagement ring design, you have to pay attention to every component of it; the band, side stones, color, cuts, design, basically every single detail! Pick a rock and band that looks beautiful and brilliant to you with the help of your professional jeweler who will guide you in every step.

Our experts pay special attention to details and cuts guaranteeing you that whatever piece we craft for you, your other half falls in love with.

How to Crack the Best Deals on an Engagement Ring

Finally planning a proposal and going engagement ring shopping for your girl? Congratulations! Buying a ring and doing the entire thing is the most emotional/crazy/sentimental/exciting time of your life! It’s so overwhelming at times that you get majorly caught up in the romance and forget that engagement ring is a crucial decision to make so make sure you do it right. It is a considerable expense and if anything the most important thing for your partner because it’s the first official symbol of your shared love. Whether you are going out on your own or planning to shop for it together, you need to get some facts (and dollar bills) straight!

First off, you need to ignore everyone that tells you that you that you would have to spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring and how that’s plain stupid. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to get your hands on the best Los Angeles engagement ring deals, so you have enough left for the honeymoon.

Set your budget

Before you practically leave your chair and head out ring shopping, it is crucial to sit down and calculate your finances if you have not done so already with your loved one and talk about finances. It’s better for you to know what you and she would want for an engagement ring. Plan your budget according to your earning and overall financial situation. This ring should only be an expression of your love, not a burden on your pocket.

Get a few things sorted

Based on your budget and financial planning so far, start sorting out some important pointers make a better purchase.

  • DO know what comes in your budget.
  • Make sure your savings are enough.
  • DO figure out the taste of your significant other.
  • DON’T just follow the typical rules of thumb.
  • DO consider the lifestyle and job of your partner. If, for example, she is a nurse, doctor, or someone who has to wear gloves frequently, any high setting Los Angeles engagement ring will tear her gloves. She will never be able to comfortably wear that ring all the time. In such a scenario, she would prefer a low setting ring that she can wear with ease every day.
  • DON’T look at it as an investment.
  • DON’T just go for what you like; her choice matters the most here.

Understand the right time to buy

Looking to crack an ideal deal on your engagement ring? You may have to buy it in offseason and hide it from her like a pro or just simply avoid proposing at Christmas and Valentine’s Day. As these are the special times to pop the question, the selection is likely to be sold quickly that too at high prices. So, bargaining is not an option here. Be prepared to sit back and relax during the November through February shopping time frame, if you want to crack a really good deal. However, with our experts, you can shop your engagement ring in Los Angeles whenever you like!

5 Tips to Choose the Right Engagement Ring Design

By Gem Dynasty | September 6, 2019 | No Comments

Looking for that perfect engagement ring? Want to surprise your partner? Out of ideas? First of all congratulations on taking the big step! Secondly, don’t worry for we have got you covered. We believe that choosing the perfect ring design might turn out to be hectic for some people. The reason is that there is a world of options when it comes to choosing the perfect ring design. We bring to you certain tips that might help you out in taking the next step.


There is a saying which you might have heard that each person is different. This simply means that we all have our choices, our likes and dislikes, and our priorities. Choosing the diamond that will sit as the center stone is very crucial and it is strongly recommendable if the center stone is to be chosen first then the engagement ring because the shape of the center stone will somehow dictate the style of the engagement ring.

A. Diamond Shape

Thinking outside the box sometimes lands you in beneficial zones. You might be amazed to know that there are approximately ten standard shapes in which a diamond is usually cut. The most common choice? A round shape. Studies suggest that one can save up to 40 percent if he/she chooses a shape other than round. Some other non-round, a bit inexpensive, but very popular shapes are:

1. Princess cut
2. Cushion cut
3. Pear cut
4. Oval cut
5. Emerald cut
6. Radiant cut

B. 4 C’s

While deciding for the diamond shape you need to also look out for 4 c’s. Choose the diamond according to these parameters and you will be happy to see the results!

1. Cut
2. Clarity
3. Carat
4. Color


There are certain factors that come into play while choosing the perfect ring design for her. A ring is the representative of your feelings and will exhibit your expressions in a true manner. You need to focus on her choices. What she likes, what are her preferences, what she likes to do and how. Keeping all of these things in mind is imperative to selecting a style for her.

You can choose a classic solitaire setting as it displays the center diamond in a prominent way. This type of setting, comprised of one center diamond, is the most popular one for engagement rings. A plain metal band goes with the exquisite features of the solitaire settings. You can also choose a three stone engagement ring, halo setting and other modern style and elegant rings that goes perfectly to the center stone.

A. Metal of Ring

Knowing the type of metal for the engagement ring is also important. White gold, platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold are popular choices when it comes to choosing the perfect precious metal for the engagement ring. While white gold and platinum currently dominate the trends but a rise is also seen in popularity of rose gold as the primary choice.

B. Size of Ring

Although, this seems like mammoth of a task, literally! But it’s not impossible. The most common range for a women’s ring size is 6 – 6.5 and we would advise you to focus more towards the larger side. One more thing that you can also do is to take a peek inside her jewelry box, take a ring, get it sized, and put it back in time. Even if this doesn’t work out, most of the jewelers have a resize policy so just check on before buying.

There are some of the tips which might help you out while you are wondering how to start the search. Always remember! The secret lies in knowing her. You are the best judge and the best planner. So, keep these tips in mind and good luck for the future!

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends: Style Inspiration For 2019

If you’re planning to become a bride in 2019, finding the perfect engagement ring would definitely be on your mind already. By this time, you might have probably looked at tons of engagement ring designs. However, having a glance at different designs makes the decision process even more difficult if you’re picky. Although every style may look super pretty, what matters is how it goes with your personality. This year, several new trends have made their way to engagement rings. To help you narrow down your search for engagement ring, we’ve chosen top 5 trends shaping up to be the best in 2019.

Fancy-Shaped Diamonds

Fancy-shaped diamonds have been quite popular for some time now, because they can make your ring look larger and pricey. They come in a variety of shapes, including pear, oval, emerald, and cushion making them very appealing. Three stone engagement rings are a great choice for prominent appearance of a fancy cut stone. The round shaped side stones highlights the distinct design of a center diamond with a fancy cut.

Yellow Gold Setting

Yellow gold is back in the game, and it’s better than ever! This year, most brides are looking back at the same metal that graces their mothers’ engagement rings. We think it’s also because the yellow gold setting contains a brightness and warmth that contrasts perfectly with the cool hues of diamonds. Yellow gold remains the classic choice for many due to its pure and most traditional looks. However, in 2019, the looks have been redesigned by featuring a beautiful shimmering strand of pavé diamonds entwined with a lustrous ribbon of precious metal.

East-West Setting

East-West setting on engagement rings feature an unconventional orientation of the diamond, either running vertically or horizontally across the band. This gives the ring a very modern look and a unique contract to the classic design you see day to day. Many stylists also believe that the time has come where truly modern engagement ring style should make its debut. You can find many variations of east-west setting in the market, but most usually appear to have the center diamond running laterally across the band.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

This year, most couples are focusing on rings that are unique and indicative of the brides’ personality. They believe it’s a new way to express individuality without sacrificing tradition. The gemstone engagement rings come into play when trying to personalize a ring. Gemstones such as morganite or pink sapphire, or engraving on the band—all add an extra layer of personalization. Engagement rings with gemstones have also proven to be popular among royalty and celebrities, making them quite exotic.

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

The hidden halo setting on engagement rings encircles a center diamond in a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds (or faceted color gemstones). This technique of design makes a high-carat center diamond look enormous. And a quarter-, third- or half-carat diamond can look, by some estimates, as much as a half a carat larger. You can find many elegant engagement rings with hidden halo setting that feature a glittering hidden halo of diamonds that wraps around the center gem.

20 Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

When planning a wedding, all preparations have to be carefully executed along with the perfect selection of jewelry. There are certain peculiarities that can make a huge difference and sometimes it can be obtained by taking care of the smallest details. The exchange of rings in the ceremony is one of the most significant moments awaited by the bride and groom along with all the family members. To make this moment memorable, wedding photographers are hired to capture the entire moment up close.

An engagement ring is one of the most significant accessory that represents the union of the newlywed couple. We know that this special ring is the complement that lasts over time for its commitment to eternal love.

Engraving on the Engagement Ring

In many cases, jewelers offer designs with personalized phrases and even models adapted to different wedding themes. Whether in a hacienda or old luxury mansions, you will undoubtedly obtain the ideal hoop for the chosen style. It requires a special message of love, a phrase that identifies the history of both or evokes a special date for both.

Find the perfect inscription idea for your spouse-to-be

Make the ring even more special by engraving personalized messages. Take note. We present a selection with 20 creative phrases to surprise your partner. Which one would you choose?

  1. Together in the same way
  2. To infinity and beyond
  3. One step at a time
  4. I will love you forever
  5. In good times and in bad
  6. Today, tomorrow and always
  7. Our story starts today (wedding date)
  8. Love exists and it is you
  9. Until the stars and beyond
  10. Here is my heart, keep it well
  11. Two bodies, one heart
  12. All my love, all my life
  13. Every moment with you is a treasure
  14. Love, faith, and hope together
  15. Nothing is worth without your love
  16. Our love will be a legend
  17. Beginning of forever
  18. I want to be eternal with you
  19. One life, one love
  20. Forever in love (your name and your name)

If you have been looking for inspiration, you can’t afford to miss these hearty and creative phrases. Impress your future wife or husband by engraving any of the special message on your engagement ring. Happily ever after!


By Gem Dynasty August 2, 2019

The perfect engagement ring is lifelong dream of every couple. However, with little or no knowledge of diamonds it becomes difficult to make one of your biggest purchases. To take the stress out from the process of buying an engagement ring we’ve prepared a shopping guide for you. These handful tips will definitely surprise your partner with our enduring symbol of love while sticking up to your budget.

1. Note Your Budget

Before you dive into the diamond market, recognize your budget. This saves you a great deal of stress and time, as the jeweler will now only show you options what fits your price range. Don’t lay eyes on rocks for which you’ll be forever in debt. What matters the most is that you’re making a beautiful purchase for your soon-to-be betrothed that you can afford.2. Let’s Surprise Your “Wife-to-Be” Rather than taking your woman with you to get her a ring, how about a wonderful surprise she’ll remember for a lifetime? Let’s put it into work by considering three facts:

  • You’re finally proposing her
  • The ring fits
  • It’s the ring of her dreams

3. Determine Ring Size

This is where men usually mess up during the buying process. There’s nothing more embarrassing than landing confidently with a wrong ring size at the spot, where she’s waiting for you to smoothly slip the ring in her third finger. To avoid this, bring any of her rings to the jeweler by any excuse and avoid paying from extra costs in future.

4. Observe Her Style

Every woman wears a particular style of jewelry that eventually becomes her signature. It’s time to notice what style your women prefers to wear. Is she a gold star or does she simply wears a silver piece or whether she loves diamonds? Become a deep thinker at this point and by scrutinizing her personality, pick up a style that correctly defines her taste in ornamental jewelry.

5. Choose The Right Brand

Here comes the tricky part. While you search for the best jewelry brands that offer affordable purchasing, Google shows dozens of options. It’s hard to trust any brand at that point because all of them appear to offer similar jewelry. Remember your top concern is to buy a good quality engagement ring within your budget. In order to achieve your goal, look for websites that have GIA certified stones and are fully capable to meet your requirements. Search for reviews and ask other people who have purchased their jewelry to get a better idea. Most importantly, they should have a sound background in the diamond industry along with an intent to deliver top-drawer customer experience throughout the purchase.

Additional Guide Towards A Quality Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying a precious gemstone like a diamond, Gem Dynasty satisfies your diamond cravings with every bit of perfection. They understand the fact that most men are first time buyers of such exclusive items. Knowing this, Gem Dynasty turns this tricky shopping process into baby steps making it easier for first timers to get the jewelry worth the price. Their certified consultants are 24/7 here to guide you through the whole process, which is one of the reasons why they have a huge clientele across the country.


Engagement Ring Los Angeles


Shopping for an engagement ring Los Angeles is going to put you on a path that will forever change your life. That’s a good thing. It means that you are making a commitment to share your life with someone special. It could also mean starting a family. This all begins with the engagement ring.

If you are like most men, then the engagement ring might be the first ring that you’ve ever bought. That is why you want to make sure you make the right investment. This process starts with the destination for your shopping excursion. That should be with a diamond dealer Los Angeles.

Going Downtown

You will find the jewelry district Los Angeles in the heart of the downtown of the city. This is where your quest for certified diamonds will begin. Here you’ll find a wide selection of wholesale diamonds to choose from for your ring. Buying from a diamond dealer Los Angles means that you’ll be able to create a custom engagement ring. That is going to impress your future bride on many levels.

The Shape Matters

You might have already learned that certified diamonds are classified for cut, color, clarity and carat, otherwise known as the 4 Cs. Before you can assess any wholesale diamonds, you want to decide on the shape of the stone. That shape is the physical geometry of that diamond. Will it be oval, square or round? This is different from the cut. That will determine all the angles of the facets of the diamond.

Become a Spy

If you want to surprise your future fiancée, then you have to go into spy mode. There are plenty of great restaurants around the jewelry district Los Angeles. You could bring your girlfriend down to the area for lunch and then find yourself “strolling” through a diamond dealer Los Angeles. It is a safe bet she will drop all kinds of hints about the type of diamond and ring setting that she likes. Of course, you can take the “begrudging” attitude of being “dragged” along to search for the best diamond in Los Angeles. In reality, you are taking copious mental notes.

Work with the Jeweler

Once you’ve circled back and found the best diamond in Los Angeles and purchased your diamond, you can start to work with a jeweler to design your engagement ring. This will mean choosing a setting that will complement the diamond. When everything is agreed to, the work of making the ring can begin. Within a few weeks, your engagement ring Los Angeles will be ready. All you have to do know if find the perfect setting to pop the question. You got this!


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June 26, 2019


Diamond stud earrings are as good as buying diamond engagement ring. It ranges from $500 up to $40,000 or even more depending on the carat weight and quality of the diamond pair. And since buying stud earrings is valuable investment, it is best to consider the following factors to determine the cost of diamond earring set.

Weight of Diamond

This factor greatly affects the price of a diamond. The carat is the unit being used in measuring a diamond and each carat is worth one hundred (100) points. For example, 200 points pair of diamond stud is equivalent to 2 carat diamond earrings where each stone weigh 1.00 carat. Another example is 60 points diamond which is 0.60 carat diamond. Again, diamond weight has price impact but does not guarantee the diamond quality.

Cut of Diamond

Diamond cut is the most significant factor in buying diamonds. The cut of a diamond makes the earrings shine and sparkle. The absence of a good cut makes a diamonds look lifeless and dull. When a diamond is cut poorly with too much depth it can face up smaller than what it actually is.

Color & Clarity of Diamond

The less color a diamond has or the whiter a diamond is, the more expensive it will be. Yellowish diamonds are cheaper but may go well with a yellow gold setting. Color is categorized by faint yellow, nearly colorless and colorless. If you have a limited budget getting nearly colorless diamond is ideal. Clarity, on the other hand, refers to the “inclusions” in a diamond. Haziness or cloudiness is what best describes what inclusion is. The fewer the inclusions, the more expensive the diamond because it gives a clearer or cleaner look for a diamond.

Fascinating Fancy Yellow

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June 21, 2019

The yellow diamond is the most popular form among the colored diamonds family. Here are some of the reasons:

Despite the fact that yellow diamonds are known for its rarity, it must be noted that not all yellow diamonds are rare. Its grading is from pale hue to very deep or strong coloring. The more colorful the diamond, the less common it is with value that rises accordingly. However, a yellow diamond gives more affordability to a diamond buyer. If you compare a white diamond to a fancy yellow diamond of the same quality, the latter gives more room to your budget.

The strong and beautiful color of yellow diamonds along with the presence of strong brilliance is so noticeable compared to other colored diamonds.

Most celebrities and known politicians prefer to wear yellow diamonds because the yellowish effect it creates quickly catches others’ attention.

Grading for Yellow Diamonds

There are several color grades for yellow diamonds, from faint yellow to fancy deep yellow. This system of grading is the exact opposite of colorless diamonds. For a colorless diamond, any hue or imperfections can greatly affect the value of a diamond.

Canary Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are classified from pale yellow to vivid deep yellow. The vivid ones are most popular. To differentiate the 2 classifications of yellow diamonds is to use the term “canary diamonds” which refers to the rare vivid yellow and intense yellow diamonds

Why Does Radiant Cut Diamond Look Bigger Than Other Diamond Shapes?

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May 24, 2019

Diamond appearance is dramatically affected by the way the diamond is cut. A Radiant Cut Diamonds looks bigger compared to other shapes of the same weight because its inventor/ designer, Henry Grossbard, intended to create diamond cut that maximize the diamond weight instead of giving emphasis in making the most beautiful ring. His knowledge of faceting and impact of individual cuts led to the existence of Radiant shape with wider and more flat appearance than round cut.

Is Three-Stone Diamond Ring Considered An Engagement Ring?

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May 24, 2019

Is Three-Stone Diamond Ring Considered An Engagement Ring?

Choosing an engagement ring is not only the size of the center stone but the style that fits the bride and the budget that fits you. Traditionally, we are used to solitaire for an engagement ring but nowadays many couples prefer the three stone ring which represents an endless time of togetherness – “past, present and future” with significant ingredients of “faithfulness, love and friendship”. This type of diamond ring not only shows a lasting commitment to each other but its uniqueness and creativity.

Stay within your budget

If your budget is limited, getting a three stone ring is a good option. Why? Because the side stones enlarge the size of the center stone making a 1 carat diamond looks like a 2 carat size. Rather than upgrading the center stone that may stretch you financially be wiser to consider this setting for it will surely make your wife-to-be equally happy!


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March 8, 2019


Cushion cut diamond also known as “pillow-cut” diamond can be in square or rectangular shape with round edges showing a pillow-like figure. This sophisticated cut has been enjoyed and supported in the diamond market for many years creating its timeless popularity for engagement rings. With 58 – 64 facets, the cushion cut stone is considered to be the second most brilliant cut today (with round diamond as the top shape in terms of sparkle). Cushion diamonds exude deep fire when brought under the light.


In order to know if you are purchasing the best cushion cut diamond with the best deal, the 4 C’s is very important factors to consider.

Color: The best diamond color is the absence of yellow or brown tones giving the diamond a whitish or colorless appearance. This color is gauged through the alphabet A-Z where D-H is the whitish bracket and I-Z is the light yellow/yellow bracket. Compared to round diamond, cushion cut along with other fancy shapes such as radiant displays more color. Thus, either getting a whitish quality or colored stone is preferred for fancy cut diamond shapes.

Clarity: This grade is the absence of flaws in the stone for perfection. Minimum clarity must be SI1 (slightly included) or better when buying a cushion cut diamond because its table is more open and larger making any imperfections more visible to the naked eye.

Carat Weight: This refers to the weight of a diamond which also contributes to the size of the stone. The larger the carat weight the more expensive the diamond.

Cut: Many get confused with the diamond cut which refers to the diamond shape versus diamond cut grade. Cut grade of a diamond is the quality of cut and the stone proportions. A well-cut diamond is known for its ability to transmit light with intense brilliance. It is how well the diamond’s facets interact with the light.


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February 27, 2019


Diamond is timeless, best-known and most sought-after gemstone. By its pure word — beauty, purity, rarity and love comes to mind. Its origin brings many to amazement. During the old times, early men already had fascination to this rock called “diamond”. Greeks considered diamonds as tears shed by gods whereas Romans thought of it as sliver from falling stars. Towards the end of 15th century, diamond became as prime symbol of love. As the story goes, Archduke Maximilian gave the very first engagement ring to his beloved and place the diamond ring on the second finger of the lady’s left hand for it was believed that the second finger is the channel of love passing directly to the heart. Even after 50 years, the diamond is still considered one of the most precious gift to symbolize love & eternity.

What are the elements that make the diamond unique?

Oddity: Even though there are newly discovered resources for diamonds, its supply are still considered limited. In fact, more than two hundred fifty tons of ore need to be confounded, crushed and refined merely to produced a 1 carat of rough diamond. And only 20% of these rough diamonds can be qualified for gem cutting.

Lastingness in Quality & Value: Diamond is considered as the hardest element on earth showing its endurance to any form of deterioration. But diamond must be treated with care and can be worn daily and even passed to future generations. Diamond prices may fluctuate but its value remains even after many decades of being enjoyed and used.

Elegance: Brilliant and colorless diamond has given its costly priced gem for many years. Every stone cannot be copied thus each stone is uniquely made. It has its own character and personality.

What are the most recognized diamonds? And what makes it more expensive than other stones?

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January 20, 2015

We may think that all diamonds are the same in value as long it looks big and sparkles a lot.

We say that diamond lasts forever but its style may not. And since buying a diamond is considered an investment we should be aware of great significance not only on the quality of the stone but its shape as well.If you are in the market looking for the best stone for your engagement ring, you’ve probably encountered several shapes. But do you know that some shapes cost more than the other? How about its advantages and disadvantages? And why are those diamonds are cut in a certain way?

Here are the facts that would definitely guide you as you plunge into diamond buying:


The “Round Brilliant Cut” Diamond otherwise known as “Ideal Cut” is a round cut stone that is cut with perfect precision, thus, delivers a maximum fire and brilliance. And such precise cut has become the standard to all diamond shapes.

Round shape is the most regarded diamond shape used in a typically designed diamond ring to a unique engagement ring. This shape is commonly seen in diamond solitaire rings for proposal or anniversary rings and even used as accent stones. Round cut diamonds are usually more costly mainly because more weight is lost when a rough diamond undergoes the process of cutting.

Round Cut diamond shape is usually composed of 58 facets including culet. There are 8 bezel facets, 1 tablet facet, 8 star facets, and 16 upper girdle facets at the upper section of diamond called “Crown”.

The lower section called “Pavilion” has 16 lower girdle facets, 8 pavilion main facets, and 1 culet.

In today’s notion about Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, it is said that this cut carries great inheritance from the “Old European Cut” Diamond Shape.


An Emerald Cut Diamond is rectangular shape with cut corners also known as Emerald Brilliant Cut. If an emerald diamond is without cut corners it is called Rectangular Step Cut or Baguette.

Emerald Shaped Diamond is likely to have inclusions (internal flaws that naturally characterize by a gemstone) which makes this shape difficult to cut and vulnerable to breaking. But “Emerald Cutting Process” was discovered reducing the risk of breakage. A typical emerald shape diamond has 57 facets where 25 facets are on the crown, 8 facets on the girdle, and 24 facets on the pavilion. Its facets are very broad with flat planes that resemble to steps of a staircase.

The Emerald Cut Diamond is not as fiery as other diamonds. It is no longer the way it used to be yet maintains its reputation to be very classic and elegant. If you are considering to purchase an emerald cut diamond, it highly recommended to get the highest grade you can afford which should be no lower than G color and VS clarity. The reason is that an emerald cut diamond is so transparent or “glassy” look where clarity imperfections, inferior color or poor cut will be visible to the naked eye than other diamond shapes.

The good thing is its price is so affordable, much lower to other shapes. This way you put in your money on its quality and bigger size for an emerald.


Radiant Cut Diamond is a combination of the traditional emerald cut shape with a brilliant cut. By combining these two cutting style, you will beneficially get “Brilliantized Step Cut” diamond shape. A radiant shape serves best for those who are attracted to the classically elegant emerald cut diamond but with more brilliant sparkle.

The radiant cut diamond was discovered by Henry Grossbard in the year 1977. This shape was very popular in the past. It carries more facets (70) than a princess cut and has “cut corners” like an emerald. And because of cut corner look, most people identify this by mistake for cushion diamonds. What makes radiant shape differs with cushion is the depth percentages which are deeper due to the manner it is designed so as to achieve the maximum amount of light refraction.

A radiant shaped diamond looks attractive in any type of diamond ring setting. A solitaire diamond ring, or matched with side stones like trillion cut diamonds, baguettes or princess cut side stones are commonly used. Radiant cut diamond must be set with special prongs in order to hold the center stone safely.


The Princess Cut Diamond was developed by Basil Watermeyer of Johannesburg in 1963. The Barion Cut Diamond is the close predecessor to the princess cut diamond.

Nowadays, the demand for princess cut diamond is increasing due to its popularity. Why? Because princess cut diamond can compete with round cut diamond in terms of brilliance. This shape is also good in covering imperfections due to the way it’s cut.

This shape can go with any type of diamond ring including solitaire diamond rings, and can serve as beautiful accents. Some of the gorgeous engagement rings found in most jewelry stores consist of princess cut diamonds mixed with baguettes instead round cut diamonds and baguettes. This style is a good choice if you want to have a unique engagement ring than a common tiffany style.

Princess Cut Diamonds are usually square in shape, but can also be rectangular. Another advantage on having this shape is that since this is good in hiding inclusions, you can get a lower color and clarity grades and would still look better than most other diamond shapes.


The Oval Cut Diamond is an elongated version belonging to the category of round cut diamond . The shape has 55-56 facets, 33 on the crown and 22 on the pavilion. 1.5 to 1 is the ideal length to width ratio which will look perfectly in a ring setting.

Unlike round cut diamond, oval shape in not popular but very flexible as it will look stunning in a traditional solitaire setting. Also, an oval looks bigger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight.

The creator of the oval shaped diamond was Lazare Kaplan in early 1960’s. “Koh-I-Noor” also called “Mountain of Light” is highly regarded oval shaped diamond that was found in India. There was an old belief on this particular diamond that it brings bad luck to any man who possesses it and good luck to any woman who owns it. This diamond was given to Queen Victoria in 1851 who had it re-cut after her dissatisfaction of its brilliance with supervision of Prince Albert. From 186 1/16th carats, 42% was shaved off bringing the stone to 105.602 carats.

Still, the diamond showed less brilliance so this Koh-I-Noor diamond was simply mounted in a tiara together with more than 2,000 other stones.


The Marquise Cut Diamond shape is magnificent, elongated shape with tapering points on both ends. A traditional marquise cut diamond has 55 facets where 33 facets are on the crown and 22 facets are on the pavilion of the diamond. The name Marquise cut is said to be derived after a powerful patronage of the arts and literature during the 17th century, Marquis of Pompadour.

The ratio recommended for a marquise diamond should be 2 to 1.0 which means that the length is about twice longer that it’s width. But personal preference still matters. One may want a marquise with wider and shorter ratio or thinner and longer ratio. But always consider a good symmetry which is brighter and more beautiful diamond.

A Marquise Cut Diamond will look regal in a solitaire diamond ring, and will work perfectly in a diamond ring with accent diamonds such as baguette and trillion diamonds.

It is strongly suggested that a 6 prong setting should be used for this diamond where 4 prongs on the side would hold the body of the diamond, and the “V” shape prong on each end. The “V” shaped prong will secure the pointed end of the Marquise Diamond which is the most delicate part of the diamond


The Pear Shaped Diamond is very gorgeous and extra-ordinary diamond shape, rounded on the one end and tapering point at the other. I t looks like a tear drop. Pear shape looks best as a center diamond but also used as side stones. It is not as good as baguette diamonds for an accent diamonds. And this shape is also used for Drop Earrings which will definitely show a beautiful effect.

Recommended 1.5 to 1.0 with 56 facets. It is very significant to have a good symmetry on this shape to make sure that the light would pass through perfectly especially in the point of the diamond.

Special type of setting is needed for this shape where 2 prongs will hold the rounded part, 2 will hold the curved part of the diamond, and 1 prong will have to be “V” tip to hold and secure the pointed part.

A very famous pear shape was discovered known as “The Star of South Africa”. It weighs 47.69 carats and is credited with the development achieved in South Africa. This diamond was found by a shepherd boy by the name of Griqua in 1869. It was told that a person named Schalk van Niekerk bought out the diamond from the shepherd boy for 500 sheep, 10 oxen and a horse. And even though these animals were all his possessions he was able to sell the rough diamond for $56,000.00!!!


Heart Shaped Diamond is preferred more by men than women. As the shape itself shows , this is considered as very romantic diamond. This is closed to Pear shaped diamond but has cleft in the rounded end that creates an image of a heart. Setting for a heart shape is similar to a pear shaped diamond that must have 5 prongs where 2 prongs hold the lobes, 2 prongs are placed on the sides, and 1 “V” shaped prong at the pointed part of the heart to protect the most vulnerable part of the diamond.

The “Blue Heart Diamond” is one of the most famous heart shaped diamond which is extremely rare deep blue color and weighs 30.82 metric carats. This diamond is also called “Eugenie Blue”. A French diamond cutting firm from Paris, Atanik Ekyanan, cut heart shaped diamonds from 1909 to 1910.

Year 1959 when Harry Winston purchased the heart shaped diamond and sold it after 5 years to Marjorie Merriweather Post. Then the latter donated the diamond to the Smithsonian Institute where the diamond still resides today.




Knowing the defining categories used by the GIA to grade loose diamonds can help you to understand a GIA certificate.

Here is an outline of the GIA grading categories and a few tips you can use to shop for loose diamonds and engagement rings.

1) Date

This is the date of the evaluation. Most wholesale diamond sellers sell diamonds with recent evaluations.

2) Report Number

The report number is a unique number that is assigned to both the diamond and the report.

3) Shape

This one is obvious; it’s the shape of the graded diamond.

4) Weight

This is the carat weight of the diamond.

5) Depth Percentage

A diamond with a low depth percentage will appear larger when viewed from above.

6) Table Percentage

A larger table percentage means the diamond’s crown is low or shallow. Diamonds that have a very large table may be brighter than other diamonds, but they will appear to have less fire.

7) Girdle

This the outer edge of the diamond. It’s where the top of the diamond meets the bottom. A thin girdle can cause a diamond to be susceptible to chipping. When shopping for loose diamonds to set in an engagement ring, it’s best to look for diamonds that have thicker girdles.

8) Culet

This is the pointed or faceted area at the bottom of a diamond. If the culet is too large, it will allow light entering from the crown to pass straight through it. This can reduce the brilliance of the diamond.

9) Polish

This is a grading system that ranges from excellent to poor. The polish grade reflects the degree of smoothness of each facet of a diamond.

10) Symmetry

Poor symmetry can misdirect the light traveling into a diamond. This can send the light to the wrong angles, which reduces the brilliance of a diamond.

11) Clarity

This refers to the degree of imperfections that are present in a diamond. These are measured by using a scale ranging from flawless to I3. A grade of I3 denotes major flaws and should be avoided.

12) Cut

The cut refers to the diamond’s symmetry, proportion and polish. The beauty of a diamond depends more on the cut than any other factor.

13) Color

Diamonds are available in a variety of colors such as pink, blue and yellow. However, most people shopping for engagement rings desire white diamonds, and the presence of a yellow tinge lowers the value of a diamond.

14) Fluorescence

This refers to a diamond’s soft colored glow when subjected to ultraviolet light.

15) Laser Inscription

This inscription denotes numbers on the diamond’s girdle for identification purposes.

16) Proportion Diagram

This is a diagram of the actual proportions of the diamond.

17) Diamond Plot

A diamond plot is a graphic representation of each flaw that affects the diamond’s clarity grade.

18) General Comments

This area is used to note characteristics of a diamond that may not be covered on the certificate.

To find a wholesale diamond seller that uses GIA certified diamonds near you, use your search engine. For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, enter the term “certified diamonds Los Angeles” into the search bar. Additionally, it’s helpful to read consumer reviews on wholesale diamond sellers. Yelp has an excellent website, which provides a good platform for reviews. This can go a long way to help you to find a GIA certified diamond that meets your specific requirements.




What is the Significance of a Past, Present and Future Engagement Ring?

By Gem Dynasty

January 13, 2015

Many couples prefer to select a ring that expresses their journey through life.

A past, present and future engagement ring represents the love they have already demonstrated, their present commitment and the hope that the strong bonds they have formed will continue long into the future. These types of rings have three stones, and each stone marks a point in time. A number of celebrities are choosing this particular style because it’s considered to be trendy. For instance, Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen chose a stunning past, present and future engagement ring, which perfectly suits Christina’s delicate hands. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban also chose this style of ring. Nicole considers the ring to be a fashion statement; she is often seen just wearing the engagement ring without her wedding band.

Where Are the Best Places to Buy Past, Present and Future Engagement Rings?

Wholesale diamond sellers offer certified diamonds for low prices, which makes the past, present and future engagement ring affordable for just about anyone. They also carry a myriad of ring settings to satisfy any style or choice of metal. Additionally, a custom past, present and future engagement ring can be made to meet your particular specifications. Custom settings allow for the highest sparkle effect of diamonds because they can be made to fit your diamonds perfectly. Even if the diamonds are not of the highest quality, a custom setting will present a high-quality appearance. Buying certified diamonds from a wholesale diamond seller will allow you to obtain diamonds of a higher quality than you can expect to find at most retail jewelry stores.

How Do I Locate a Wholesale Diamond Seller?

Finding a wholesale diamond seller won’t take very much of your time. They can be located by performing a simple Google search. Pay particular attention to websites that allow for ratings of these businesses. Websites such as Yelp are extremely helpful when researching ratings because users of this website post their personal experiences with wholesale diamond dealers all across the nation. Finding a dealer in your area on this site is simple. For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, enter the term “Los Angeles diamond seller” into the Yelp search bar. Performing this type of search should display a list of the sellers in your area.

How Can I Ensure the Quality of Wholesale Diamonds?

Before you purchase an engagement ring, be sure that you get the quality you will be paying for. Ask for a GIA or EGL USA certificate to see the true characteristics of the diamonds. There will be a score for quality, cut and color on these certificates that you can examine before you purchase the diamonds.

An engagement ring is something that you will wear for many years to come, so it is important that you look for quality stones and a setting that will stand the test of time.




How Do I Sell My Diamond?

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January 9, 2015

There are several factors to consider before selling a loose diamond on the market.

First, it’s important to realize that you will be offering your diamond for sale on the wholesale market. This means that it will have to be resold on the retail market by a wholesaler or a jeweler. If you are interested in selling your diamond to a jeweler or a wholesale diamond dealer, you should understand the difference between wholesale and retail prices. Jewelers and wholesalers pay slightly below the retail price of a diamond in order to realize a profit on the eventual retail transaction. The monetary value of this price difference will vary with the size and quality of the diamond being sold on the market. Wholesale diamond sellers offer a very big advantage; they can quickly offer you the best wholesale price in a very short amount of time.

Know What You Have to Sell

It’s important that you know all of the characteristics of your diamond. For instance, the carat weight, cut, color and clarity of the diamond are aspects of your diamond that you should be familiar with. All of these characteristics affect the price of a loose diamond. Many diamonds on the market today are sold with GIA certificates. If you have one of these, it’s easy to market the diamond to a dealer by simply producing this certificate. If you don’t have a GIA certificate, many wholesale diamond dealers are qualified to assess the value of your diamond because they have the proper certifications to evaluate the distinct characteristics of loose diamonds.

Where Should I Sell My Diamond?

Big retailers such as eBay offer a platform for selling diamonds and all types of jewelry. You could even sell the diamond on Craigslist. However, these types of transactions can be extremely risky. Additionally, they probably won’t provide you with the best price or the quickest transaction. The best way to sell your diamond is through a certified diamond dealer that can be trusted. If you are interested in selling your diamond online, use an established website that has the proper credentials to evaluate loose diamonds. Additionally, many wholesale diamond websites can be researched for reviews. Websites such as Yelp can be of great assistance to you. Customers use Yelp to convey their personal experiences with businesses both online and in person. Reading these reviews can help you to verify the trustworthiness of a wholesale diamond dealer.

One of the best ways to find diamond buyers in your area is to Google them to locate both their physical addresses and their websites. For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, type “Los Angeles diamond buyer” into the Google search engine. This should bring up a listing of the certified diamond dealers in your city.

Consider all of the aforementioned guidelines before attempting to sell diamonds. These tips will help you to get the best wholesale price and the quickest sale for loose diamonds.




What is the Origin and Tradition of the Diamond Engagement Ring?

By Gem Dynasty

January 8, 2015

a man proposes to his special someone the first thing that comes to mind is to buy her a diamond engagement ring. So why is giving diamond engagement ring very crucial when asking a woman for marriage?

Symbolic Meanings of The Engagement Ring/ History and Tradition

An engagement ring is a symbol of promise of marriage that is given to a woman to signify an engagement and a man’s intention of marrying her. It is a pledge of love and it symbolizes that a woman is no longer available to be courted by other suitors. The circular band of the ring represents an eternal union while the stone symbolizes unwavering devotion and commitment and has always been worn on the fourth finger of the left hand since it was once believed that this is where the vein of the heart is connected directly. It is given as a marriage proposal and when accepted represents an agreement of future marriage.

The types of engagement ring that is given to the dearly beloved may feature different center stones such as Topaz, Sapphire, Emeralds and Rubies. But the best and most popular ring for wedding proposals is the diamond engagement ring.

The history and tradition of the diamond engagement ring dates back centuries ago in Austria when the Archduke Maximillian proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring that is set with pieces of diamonds on it. This tradition stems from the premise that the nicer the ring, the better it will represent the ability of the man to be able to support his future wife. Diamond engagement rings have become a status symbol that in modern times towards the beginning of the 1990’s diamond stores and wholesale diamond jewelry shops began selling more diamond engagement rings than any other.

What then is the reason for the surge in popularity of diamond engagement rings? What makes engagement rings with diamonds special? This stems from the fact that unlike other gemstones diamonds are remarkably the hardest gemstones hence it offers a much more significant value. Diamonds hold its own unique and appealing properties than other gemstones because of its potential to show spectacular luster and shine. Given the proper care and maintenance high quality diamonds will most certainly last you a lifetime.




Making A Custom Design Engagement Ring

By Gem Dynasty

January 6, 2015

Custom designing your own engagement ring ensures its uniqueness.

Many people enjoy the idea of an original design, but they are unsure of how to begin such a process. Some are unsure if designing their own ring is worth waiting the extra time it will take to accomplish. It is actually worth doing if you can’t find a manufactured setting that matches your desires. Designing your own engagement ring does not require any special experience or training; however, it is important that you effectively communicate your ideas to a jeweler.

Where to Begin?

Perhaps the best way to begin creating a unique design is to draw the design of the ring on paper before visiting your jeweler. Using pictures of other rings for inspiration can also be helpful. This works well for those who like certain characteristics of more than one setting that they have previously seen. Jewelers can work with these pictures. Many experienced jewelers can make a drawing or computer rendering of a ring for you by using the pictures that have inspired the style of ring that you desire. Once the design has been communicated to a qualified and experienced jeweler, the diamonds can be chosen.

What Are the Advantages of a Custom Designed Engagement Ring?

One of the advantages of having a custom design is that the engagement ring is actually built around the diamonds. The diamonds can be fit into a custom design with precision. This allows for minimal gaps or spacing between the stones, which improves the overall appearance of the ring. For solitaires, the diamond can be custom set at just the right position to harbor the maximum amount of light passing through the stone. This allows the diamond to sparkle brilliantly. Purchasing your own diamonds through a wholesaler will lessen the expense of the ring. Wholesale diamond dealers in Los Angeles are quite adept at offering excellent prices for quality diamonds because they do it for a great number of high-end clients who prefer to design their own jewelry.

Another advantage of designing your own engagement ring is that it will be made to fit your finger perfectly. There will be no need to cut it for sizing, which bolsters the strength of the ring. This means that it won’t easily crack or break apart over time.

Designing your own engagement ring will take time, so don’t expect it to happen quickly. However, if you are looking for something truly unique, it’s the best choice. An engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime, so it is imperative that you are happy with the design. Customizing your ring improves the chances that you will always be happy with the style of such an important piece of jewelry.




White Gold or Platinum, Which is Better?

By Gem Dynasty

January 2, 2015

If you’re not going to get an engagement ring with traditional yellow gold as the band, you’re probably going to ask this question of yourself.

In reality, it’s a little like asking, “which is better, the Bugatti Veryon or the McLaren F1?” Each is stunning in its own right and, whichever you choose, you’ll add “that extra touch” to the diamond engagement ring that’s sure to make your partner’s eyes wide and knees weak.

White gold is not an element unto itself; it is formed by mixing an alloy of yellow gold and a white metal, such as nickel, palladium or manganese. Some people are allergic to nickel, however, so some companies that make white gold diamond engagement rings don’t use nickel. In most cases, the alloy is made up of 90 percent yellow gold and 10 percent of the other metal. For this reason, it’s possible to measure the karat purity of white gold using the same scale as yellow gold.

Yellow gold-palladium alloys are soft; therefore, they’re most often used for gemstone settings instead of the rings themselves. Yellow gold-nickel alloys are far stronger and are the chief component of white gold engagement rings. To offset the possibility of allergic reactions from nickel content, and to keep them looking white, all white gold rings are plated with rhodium.


Platinum is one of the rarest metals in the Earth’s crust. Only 150 – 300 tons are mined each year in total, and this makes it highly prized by Los Angeles jewelers. It is more ductile than gold, which means, despite being harder than iron, it can be easily formed into rings and gemstone setting posts. Platinum used in jewelry must be between 90 and 95 percent pure. Otherwise, it must be labeled as platinum alloy. Initially, platinum rings have a mirror-like, gray appearance. Over time, they’ll pick up scratches and other marks that convert the surface to a patina.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The chief advantage of white gold rings is that they, usually, cost about half as much as platinum rings of comparable size. This, in turn, allows you to spend more of your budget on the actual diamond of the engagement ring. The biggest disadvantage of white gold is that it will revert to its normal, yellow color without periodic rhodium replating. This process is not usually expensive, however, and a few jewelers in Los Angeles will even do it for free.

Platinum rings, on the other hand, will never tarnish in any way because they’re almost completely unreactive. The patina that develops on them further accentuates the scintillating brilliance of any diamonds set in them, which is why patina finishes are as popular as they are. If you want the mirror finish instead, a jeweler can restore it at roughly the same cost as reapplying rhodium to white gold. The main disadvantage of platinum engagement rings is their cost.

It all comes down to personal preference. For those who cannot decide between white gold and platinum, one of the specially trained, expert goldsmiths working in the Los Angeles Jewelry District can mix the two in an all-conquering, magnificent alloy.




What Are Fancy Color Diamonds?

By Gem Dynasty

December 30, 2014

When most people think about engagement rings, their first thought is of a brilliant, white, internally flawless diamond that’ll sparkle like a quasar and take the viewer’s breath away.

While these diamond engagement rings are truly spectacular, there’s another possibility: fancy color diamond engagement rings. Even more rare than internally flawless white stones, these awe-inspiring gems exist in a wide array of colors that range from yellow and rose through deep blue to the carbonado, which is completely black. There’s something for everyone’s taste.

Fancy color diamonds are chemically exactly the same as white diamonds, except for the inclusion of one or more other elements or compounds. The Hope Diamond, which is the most famous blue diamond in the world, gets its distinctive, stunning color through a high concentration of boron. Vivid yellow diamonds, such as the Tiffany Diamond, contain nitrogen. Anyone who’s seen Audrey Hepburn’s photo in promotional material for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has seen the absolutely scrumptious-looking stone. Some people still argue of which was more perfect, Audrey or the diamond.

Almost all fancy color diamonds can be found in the Los Angeles diamond district, even green. They’re the only colored diamonds not to be formed from the inclusion of another element. Rather, they come about when radiation affects their internal structure and are, thus, remarkably rare. The king of all fancy color diamonds is the carbonado. It’s black as a moonless, overcast night in the Brazilian rain forest, which is one of the only two places where these stones can be found. Black diamonds are a true puzzle, having been formed 300 million years after all other diamonds in the Earth’s crust.

There are many theories as to their origin. One of them pegs them as remnants from an exploding star thousands of light years from Earth; these shards of a stellar cataclysm then traveled across vast, intervening areas of space and, just by remote chance, fell to Earth. No diamond is more exotic and rare; only a total of 2.5 tons of stones have been mined in all of history. If you choose a diamond engagement ring whether white or fancy, round or any other shape, you’ll be giving your significant other an age-old piece of the universe that’ll signify the incredible depths of your love.




Do Diamond Engagement Rings Make Great Holiday Presents?

By Gem Dynasty

December 26, 2014

Should you give Diamond Engagement Rings as Holiday Presents?

Wedding proposals are special events that happen anytime during the year. It is the joy and excitement brought about by the promise of a lifelong commitment and a very wonderful experience cherished by a woman most especially when a man gives her a diamond engagement ring.

But what if this occasion falls during the Holiday season? Is timing and atmosphere a huge factor? Not

necessarily. To some women it is but for others it is the feeling and the emotion that is brought along with the proposal that counts.

For the man, giving a diamond engagement ring as a present is an advantage since that he may not need to buy his loved one two gifts especially if they both previously have been contemplating of marriage and are looking for rings. The ring and his proposal will be his gift for her potential wife to be.

So how do you know if you have the best engagement ring with the best wholesale price?

Los Angeles Jewelry District is the place to be. Here you can discover great deals you won’t find on the usual diamond retail stores during this holiday season. It is one of the largest and busiest diamond/jewelry districts in the United States with over 8,000 independent diamond jewelers and wholesale diamond dealers.

Choose from a wide variety of wholesale GIA diamonds and gorgeously designed diamond engagement rings in a multitude of designs.

You most certainly will discover the diamond jewelry that will fall within your particular style and budget.




What to Consider When Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring in Los Angeles?

By Gem Dynasty

December 23, 2014

What should I consider when buying a diamond engagement ring in Los Angeles?

If you’re sure she’s the one, it’s time to hit the bricks in Los Angeles looking for the perfect diamond engagement rings. There are several things you should consider before handing over the cash or plastic:

What will fit her taste?

What is her ring size?

What are you willing to spend?

To determine what she likes, all you have to do is look at her present jewelry, especially rings. For example, if she owns many stones that are princess cut, it’s probably not a good idea to get her a marquise. If you ask questions, you might give the game away before its time. It’s best keep quiet about it unless absolutely necessary, such as a case where she has no rings to examine. If you must ask, be as subtle as possible. It’s easy enough to find out her ring size. All you have to do is take one of her rings she won’t miss to a jewelry store and have it measured. If you’re not sure, consider a ring that’s just slightly bigger. It’s easier to make a ring smaller than larger.

After choosing which characteristics you want in the diamond, it’s time to decide what you can afford. If a retail-priced diamond of a particular size is beyond your means, then it’d be worthwhile to seek out wholesale diamonds in the Los Angeles jewelry district. Sometimes, these stones can cost as much as 50 percent less.

Certification and Appraisal

No matter which diamond in Los Angeles you purchase, the seller should provide a diamond report, or, if the diamond is large enough, a diamond dossier. If the seller doesn’t provide one, you should ask for one. If none is provided, you should look elsewhere. Even wholesale diamonds in Los Angeles should come with such reports. Diamond certifications are done by qualified, third-party professionals, such as someone from the Gemological Institute of America. It’d also be smart to check appraisals of stones with similar characteristics to the one you chose so that you can get the best, comparable price. After all, it’s your investment. Periodically, you should have the ring reappraised for insurance value.




Best way to sell your diamond

By Gem Dynasty

December 17, 2014

What are the best ways to sell your diamond?

Many people nowadays are struggling to get money, either in the form of selling their used personal items or something else. More and more people are now looking to sell their used, old and unwanted diamond jewelries or diamond engagement rings. And in this regard, we need to post this question: What are the best ways to sell your diamonds?

Here are some tips and ways on how and where can you sell your unwanted diamond:

1. eBay – Majority of people use internet on the daily basis and eBay is one of the first options that sellers consider right away. Researching online is the best tool to find out how much value you can sell your diamond. If your diamond is certified (whether GIA, EGL or IGI), there’s a big chance of selling your diamond for a big buck because the certificate verifies the exact color, clarity, carat weight and cut of your diamond.

Selling your diamond online also needs better pictures in order to show a good visual of the diamond to a buyer. Make sure that the information in your listing is what the buyer will receive in case you sold it to avoid headaches. Be open and honest. Inform the buyers or viewers about the condition of the diamond whether used or new honestly. Your transparency is a good platform of credibility as a seller. The downside on selling your diamond jewelry online is that you will be ask to ship the stone versus going in with your diamond jewelry to Los Angeles Diamond Buyer and getting cash right on the spot.

Also, be aware of scammers online who pretend to be buyers and would want you to ship the diamond internationally. As soon as you receive your money (with clear and confirmed transaction – not pending), then that’s the right time to ship the diamond. Open communication with the buyer is one of the most important steps towards a good sale.

2. Craigslist – Craigslist is a free listing to sell your diamond. Most buyers here are locals. Craigslist is a great option if you don’t want to spend money in posting your diamond online because eBay, Amazon and other selling sites require listing fees where most of them charge weekly depending on the number of postings. This website allows you to list as many posts as you want. But do not make redundant postings to avoid being flagged for removal. And since you are selling a high value item here where your safety and security must be assured, set an appointment with the buyer and meet that person somewhere. Also, set an appointment with the buyer in a location like bank or mall where security is observed. Bottom line here is that there should be no anonymity with Craigslist.

3. Pawnshop – This is a place if you are really desperate to sell your diamond for there’s a 100% chance of getting the least amount of money for your diamond. Most pawnshops take your diamond with the assumption that you would probably buy back your item for a higher percentage than what you sold it to them for. So they put more cushion for their gain similar to a loan on your diamond.

4. Consignment with a Local Jeweler – If you are tired of selling your diamond on your own (either online or locally) and need a help from someone who is expert or professional in selling this kind of expensive item, consignment with a local jeweler is best the for you. This avenue is good if you are not in a hurry to sell your diamond for it normally takes time for your diamond to be sold. Consider also the processing fee and commission involved with a consignment. So make sure to set an amount of how much you want to sell your diamond.

5. Diamond Buyer / Dealer – Many people get confused or mixed up between a Diamond Buyer / Dealer and a Jeweler. Each has a different style of buying a diamond from the seller. Most diamond buyers have a reputable website accessible to people who can read all the reviews and other feedbacks from their recent and previous transactions. This provides future sellers an idea for the perfect place to offer their diamonds as Diamond Buyer not only offer higher price than a Jeweler but they also help you try to meet your needs in terms of selling price for your diamond. Checking online also helps sellers if the diamond buyer is legitimate or not. Better Business Bureau or Jewelers Board of Trade (BBB or JBT) are other options to verify the the diamond buyer’s credibility. The advantage of this option is that you will get clean cash right away without waiting on any fees or commissions.




Laser Drilled Diamond

By Gem Dynasty

November 11, 2014

What is a laser-drilled diamond? Is it advisable to buy it for your engagement ring?

Not all diamonds that sparkle are naturally made because some of them are artificially enhanced or treated. One of these enhancement procedures is called laser drilling. Let’s find out what laser drilling is and how it affects the artificial beauty of a diamond?

What is Laser Drilling?

Laser drilling is a means to improve a stone with inferior clarity. This procedure includes the use of laser to drill small holes which are finer than a hair in the stone. This goes all the way from its surface towards an inclusion inside. The channel created will be the way to eliminate the inclusions by dissolving it with acid or with heat. This kind of treatment is mostly applied to get rid of visible inclusions like black spots.

How Does Laser Drilling Enhance The Clarity Of A Diamond?

The clarity development that can beBody Image 2 expected in a laser-drilled diamond is about 1 grade up. If for example, you have an SI stone and laser drilling is applied to remove the obvious inclusions, this same stone can be upgraded to become VS clarity. Rarely, we could see a 2 grade jump not because it is not possible but too much laser drilling would definitely compromise the appearance and sturdiness of the diamond and also to be set in a beautiful engagement ring eventually. The more the clarity improvement applied (requiring more holes to drill and more channels to make), the more fragile the diamond structure becomes.

What Is The Drawback Of A Laser Drilled Diamond?

The easiest means to detect if a diamond undergoes a laser drilling is to check its diamond report or certification as a laboratory would normally indicate if the diamonds are presence of drill holes in the stone.

If the stone does not have certificate, seek for a reliable diamond dealer in Los Angeles Diamond District who can examine through microscope. This will actually let you see the number of channels being drilled in a stone you are about to purchase.

What Does Fracture Filling Mean?

Since we discovered the visible holes a laser drilling can leave in the stone, there is also an artificial make up that a diamond cutter can apply in order the make that holes less obvious. This process is called fracture filling where the cutter fills the tunnels and cavities with a crystal substance.

Beware Buyers: Laser Drilling Activities Are Sometimes Undisclosed

It’s always best to get a trusted diamond dealer in buying a diamond so that you will be assured that the stone you are buying are naturally cut and genuinely graded. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States does not require for a direct disclosure of laser drilling enhancements upon selling a diamond to a consumer. It is primarily due to the fact that when a diamond’s clarity undergoes an enhancement procedure it will be permanent. An SI stone that is improved to become VS will now always be VS.

Such disclosure regulations may change, but as a consumer you are entitled for a proper and accurate information on a product that you are buying. Doing a research and asking questions are always the best tools. Do not be content with the paperwork a diamond dealer has but always throw questions about the diamond. And as much as possible make sure that the stone also has a legitimate laboratory certification such as GIA, EGL or IGI to verify everything.

Is It Advisable to Get A Laser Drilled Diamond If The Budget Is Limited?

This will be a matter of choice. Consider the pros and cons of what you are buying. Others would compromise the quality over the quantity, getting a lower durability laser drilled stone over a natural diamond just to fit within their budget. Please be reminded that the more holes present in a diamond, the weaker the diamond structure is.

Again, a wise judgment would surely lead you to the right decision. Would you rather spend cheaper for a diamond that might be questionable later on (vulnerable in chipping or cracking)? Or spend a little more and be at peace knowing that you are getting a natural diamond as investment in the future.




Rules in Getting an Engagement Ring

By Gem Dynasty

November 4, 2014

What are the rules in getting an Engagement Ring?

Gone are the days when a man would secretly pick out a diamond ring for his girl and the latter would just pretend that she likes the ring as he proposed. Our present culture shows that the best approach is to let her choose the diamond engagement ring herself. Bear in mind that you will just pay the ring once but she will wear that same ring every single day of your marriage. You don’t want to hear her complaining every day, right?

Yet you still want to preserve that element of surprise. You want to see her eyes glowing when you throw the big question. Or maybe you prefer to keep from her the monetary value of that diamond ring. That’s understandable.

Here are the key points to follow so you can buy a wholesale diamond engagement ring that she cannot resist but fall in love with…..

Shape is priority.

Before considering the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat), you must give weight first on the diamond shape that your fiancee prefers. Shape is different to a cut. The shape is the actual geometry of the stone whereas cut is the angles of the facets in a diamond.

Engagement ring is second.

setting helps a lot in bringing out the beauty of the center diamond. After getting an idea as to which possible styles for setting she likes, try to work on the kind of ring that will match and blend with the shape, the size and the color of your stone. Not all settings work for all diamonds.

Safety should also be considered. Make sure that the setting you choose securely holds the center stone especially when your fiancee does a lot of physical activities.

Get a loose stone.

It is a wrong notion to get the setting first then the center stone for it should be the other way around. It will be easier to pick out a ring once you have the shape and size of the diamond. Avoid buying an assembled diamond ring (where center stone is already set on a ring) but rather get and check carefully a loose diamond with a loupe so that you will be able to clearly see the stone including its imperfections.

A good diamond dealer must be able to show you all the characteristics of the stone he or she is selling. Choose a stone with valid grading report issued by an independent gemological association such as GIA and EGL USA. This way you will not only rely on the diamond dealer’s verbal confirmation but on the certification of your stone.

Observe and know her style.

Since buying her an engagement is a top secret you must be very careful in finding ways to find out her style. You can tap her best friend, mom or sibling and let them swear for confidentiality. But if this is a one man job then closely observe jewelries or accessories she usually wear. Does she like white or yellow gold? Is she into vintage jewelries or classic pieces? Does she like high prongs or low type of setting? Study her well and take mental notes to totally capture her style.

Take note on the importance of metal for her ring.

Again, after observing her style, you must identify also her preference for the metal of her ring. Platinum is one of the most popular choices. It is very durable and pure making it hypoallergenic for those who have highly sensitive skin. But if she is not sensitive, 14 or 18 karat gold is another great option.

Find out her ring size.

See if she has rings that she wears on her engagement finger. If none, you can request privately her best friend or family member to get hold of that size so you can have the diamond ring sized correctly. Otherwise, simply get a standard size of ring which is 6. But let your jeweler be aware of the resizing ahead of time so that you’ll be able to know if the setting you are getting is possible to be resized.

Consider your Budget.

Be realistic on your spending ability. Buying an engagement ring shouldn’t be financially draining. Remember that the size and quality of a diamond will never be a gauge for the depth of love you have for your girl. It is the thought behind the gift. If you’re looking for a certain budget, go to Los Angeles Diamond District or aka Los Angeles Jewelry District where you will find most competitive diamond wholesalers. You will definitely save a lot, maximizing your budget towards the best quality stone as compared to going to a jewelry store where prices are usually in triple key.

Find a diamond dealer flexible for an exchange of setting.

When you purchase the engagement ring secretly, make sure that the diamond dealer has the flexibility when it comes to exchange in case your fiancee is not happy with the setting. Good option also is for a dealer who can allow you to get a temporary ring that matches your stone until you and fiancee are ready to come back and choose the right setting that she likes.




What are the differences of GIA and EGL Certification?

By Gem Dynasty

October 28, 2014

Diamond certification otherwise known as diamond grading report is a special kind of certification use to validate a diamond on its characteristics. The diamond is submitted by an owner to a diamond laboratory that evaluates and gives the findings of specific diamond being certified. It is also important because it verifies the quality of the diamond and guides non-experts to educate them in buying diamond. Nowadays people are looking for a certified diamond for their diamond ring but the question is – Are you sure that the certified diamond you are buying is legitimate? Diamond laboratories such as IGI (International Gemological Institute), AGS (American Gem Society) and HRD evaluate and certify the diamond. There are two popularly known and acknowledged worldwide diamond laboratories that topped our list: GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratories). GIA and EGL USA are one of the most trusted and well known diamond graders whereas EGL is very popular and more accessible here in the United States.

Diamond experts are always comparing these two diamond (GIA and EGL USA) if which one is better to use. Consumers consider EGL certification because the processing fee is way cheaper than going to GIA and faster to complete and obtain the certificate. But most people prefer GIA over EGL USA but the price of GIA grading and certification is way beyond higher compare to EGL and this will come out of the end users pocket. These two diamond certifications are the most preferred provider of certificates compare to other independent gemological laboratories. So why settle for IGI, AGS or even HRD certifications if you can spend few more dollars to get GIA or EGL certification for your diamond ring?

Whenever purchasing an engagement ring, this would give consumers an answer to their long time question, should I consider buying a diamond without certificate? Or should I focus on buying certified diamond instead? Buyers must choose to a get a diamond with an EGL USA or GIA certification for the purpose of validity and its worth for insurance purposes or for future investment. There are plenty of diamond dealers as well as jewelry stores that sell beautiful loose diamonds without certification. The best places to purchase loose diamonds are in Los Angeles Jewelry District aka Los Angeles Diamond District where you will find some reputable wholesale diamond dealers. Best way to find the most reputable wholesale diamond dealers is either finding them on Yelp or on Google by looking their reviews from other customers. As far as certificates, our recommendation is GIA and EGL graders are truly the most recommended diamond laboratories in the world and by far the best in terms of certifying those precious stones.

What is the Difference between Cushion Brilliant and Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds?

By Gem Dynasty

October 22, 2014

Now that you are sure with the woman whom you are bringing to the altar, you love her ways and her style and you’re even determined to fulfill her dream… It’s time to get a diamond that would seal your love forever. So then, choosing a diamond engagement ring especially the center stone is very significant and should be memorable.

Learning that she wants a cushion cut diamond engagement ring, you’re on for the search for that perfect cushion cut diamond. But first and foremost, you need to obtain a clear cut understanding of a cushion cut diamond that now comes in two categories: Cushion Brilliant and Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamonds.

In the mid 1920s, cushion cut diamonds have fewer and longer facets, with deeper and smaller face size to weight ratio known as vintage or antique cushion. Though these vintage cushions have a certain character because of its antiquity, they are less brilliant compared to the modern properly cut cushions mainly due to the absence of skills and technology in that period.

Cushion Brilliant Diamond versus Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond

The modern cushion cut diamonds are classified as either “Cushion Brilliant” or “Cushion Modified Brilliant“. GIA Laboratory has made distinctions of these 2 kinds of cushion based on technical faceting standard which should not be conclusive as it does not guarantee a more brilliant or superior cushion cut diamond.

We must remember that every cushion cut diamond is different. We need to make sure that we work with a trusted diamond dealer who can lead you to the right direction. You should also derive your diamond selection from beauty, brilliance and character of a diamond. Do not be too carried away with the technical information such as found in a diamond certification instead choose a stone based on its actual appearance and your personal preference as well.

A. Cushion Brilliant diamonds have common faceting arrangements as round brilliant cut diamonds. The facets formations in the pavilion of a cushion brilliant are extended from the center of the diamond out toward the girdle or outer edge, forming a star look. It has larger facets without “crushed ice” appearance. It rather resembles the appearance of a round cut diamond with pillow like or cushion cut shape making it more popular and attractive.

B. Cushion Modified Brilliant diamonds are characterized by an extra row of facets below the girdle. But its facets on the pavilion do not actually reach the girdle, resembling a flower shape look. Cushion modified brilliants often carry an exceptional sparkle reminiscent like a ‘sparkling water’ or ‘crushed ice appearance’ of well-cut radiant shape stone. And since these kinds of cushions have fewer demands in the market and diamond cutters save more weight when it is cut from a rough diamond crystal, they are less costly than a traditional cushion brilliant cut diamonds.

Additionally, there was a third technique discovered by diamond cutters to unite the appeal of the cushion brilliant with the brilliance and scintillation of a cushion modified brilliant known as hybrid cushion brilliants. These diamonds have four pavilion facets that goes from the center of the diamond out toward the girdle similar to cushion brilliant but with modified facets in between them. These added facets bring out more sparkle and fire to the diamond while the top part projects larger faceting like the brilliant round cut. Through this technique, cutters of diamonds are now capable to create cushion cut diamonds that retain the carat size and appearance of a modified cushion with the look of a classic cushion brilliant diamond.




10 Important Points To Consider in Choosing a Jeweler / Diamond Dealer

By Gem Dynasty

October 16, 2014

How to shop for a Certified Loose Diamond and Engagement Ring?

Start by finding a Wholesale Diamond Dealer you trust.

Finding a wholesale diamond dealer is as significant as learning the diamond specifications and price points in diamond buying. Purchasing a diamond engagement ring or certified loose diamond in Los Angeles isn’t like buying a major appliance or a car as diamond speaks its own language and valued by its own exquisite intricacies. Hence, it entails an expertise to determine the quality, the style and the way these expensive diamond jewelry pieces are offered and sold. And not only the monetary aspect is involved, a buyer also makes an emotional investment in purchasing the perfect diamond for the perfect occasion calling for a crucial step — getting a diamond dealer that you can depend on.

Building a relationship of trust with your dealer contributes a lot in making your diamond purchase experience worthwhile. Here are the ten important things you must consider before diving into the pool of diamonds:

1) A diamond dealer must be credentialed and established.

Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of a reputable dealer. A jewelry company popularized by advertisements and other forms of promotion should be the very least to consider in purchasing. Making your own research online through visiting the website, calling the company and checking its reviews from different social medias help a lot in validating the credible existence of a dealer.

Be sure that they are member of Better Business Bureau with A+ Rating or The jewelers Board of Trade.

2) A diamond dealer should know how to listen.

– A good diamond dealer must be open to listen to the buyer. He should not be pushy with his own interests especially when huge amount of money is involved.

– A diamond dealer must focus on the bride, her diamond qualifications including her desires, needs and style.

– A diamond dealer is ready to showcase a good selection of quality diamonds and well-crafted engagement rings and guiding the buyer according to the latter’s preference.

3) A diamond dealer must carry an extensive tool of services.

Body Image 2– An established diamond dealer must be or must have a trained in-house gemologist who can walk you through the different properties of precious stones and able to help you in finding the best stone within the diamond criteria and price requirement that you set.

– A diamond dealer must know or have an experienced and dependable setter who can accommodate any kind of repairs or jobs for your diamond jewelry.

– Having a special software for designing custom pieces is also an advantage if you are looking to get a specific style of a ring.

4) A diamond dealer must be knowledgeable.

A diamond dealer must be well-equipped to answer each and every inquiry or concern you have about the diamond and engagement ring with confidence and ease. He must have the expertise in the diamond specifications and fine jewelry components so that you can be fully aware the value of the engagement ring you are buying for your own future investment and insurance purposes.

5) A diamond dealer must have an office or a store with a good collection of diamonds and engagement rings.

A credible diamond dealer should be situated in a legal and decent office or store and carry a wide selection of diamonds and engagement rings such as in Los Angeles Jewelry District where trusted diamond dealers are located. Though diamond dealer may carry a huge inventory of diamonds and settings he should know how to give space to the buyer by getting the latter’s preference on diamond requirements, ring style and budget without overwhelming the buyer.

6) A diamond dealer must be open to teach the know-how of diamond buying and explain the basic information like 4C’s (carat, color, clarity & cut) to his customer.

A regular buyer may not know much about the characteristics of a diamond and would probably base his judgment on the total appearance of the stone. But a genuine and transparent diamond dealer goes beyond his customer’s needs and willingly share the basic yet important aspects of a diamond and how it is graded. This way, a buyer will have a clear idea of the real value of a diamond he is planning to purchase.

7) A diamond dealer should know how to handle diamond certification and appraisal.

A diamond dealer must be confident enough to suggest the buyer to verify his diamond certification and/or appraisal to a legitimate and independent gem lab like Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (I.G.I), EGL USA Gemological Laboratory or American Gem Society (AGS), in order to validate the authenticity of the diamond he is selling.

8) A diamond dealer must have clear and established policies for warranties & returns.

A good buy of a diamond or diamond jewelry should also be followed with clear policies when it comes to warranties and returns. Don’t buy diamond out of impulse just because the stone and its price look very attractive. Have a good understanding of the terms and conditions provided by the diamond dealer before making a purchase. This will save yourself from headache later on when you decide to upgrade, trade, insure or sell your diamond.

9) A diamond dealer must also have a valid marking of precious metal in the engagement ring.

When you buy a diamond engagement ring you must also consider the quality of gold being used on the ring. It should have a proper stamp of 10K, 14K, 18K or PLT (platinum). A good wholesale diamond dealer would not be hesitant to show you this stamp on the jewelries he is selling.

10) A diamond dealer must be trustworthy in all aspects.

Body Image 4As the saying goes “Promises are meant to be broken” and this should not be happening with the jeweler whom you are getting your diamond. Don’t be carried away by and rely on the dealer’s words of assurance but know the dealer’s background from online reviews, membership with legitimate institutions such as Better Business Bureau and The Jewelers Board of Trade, referral of a relative or friend, and the reputation in the community. Doing a research about the dealer is one of the effective preparations as you take your first step in looking and choosing your diamond.

Embracing all significant points mentioned above would surely result to a real good deal as well as fruitful and long lasting relationship with your diamond dealer grounded in confidence and trust.




What are the Advantages of Buying Diamonds in Los Angeles Diamond District?

By Gem Dynasty

October 9, 2014

Los Angeles Diamond District is located at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and considered as one of the largest and busiest diamond/jewelry district in United States. More than a century past, more businesses had been established here and the diamond market progressed from time to time. The jewelry dealers around the area sell loose diamonds, diamond jewelries, gemstones, precious stones, gold and gold jewelries. Compare to New York and Chicago’s diamond business, the market rate in Los Angeles is the highest and dominates most of the cities in United States. The most prestigious wholesale loose diamond building in Los Angeles Diamond and Jewelry District is located in 550 South Hill where well known diamond dealers occupied in this building.

Why is it better to shop at Los Angeles Diamond District?

If you are looking for a loose diamonds, diamond Jareds-Jewelry-Engagement-Ringsengagement rings, diamond jewelries or even gold jewelries, Los Angeles Diamond District provides everything you need. With over 8,000 independent diamond dealers as well as jewelry vendors in Los Angeles Diamond and Jewelry District, you can expect to find the perfect diamond engagement ring that you’re looking for. Parking is very convenient because most parking lots are in the building and some companies validate parking for you but keep in mind that it will definitely be worth it since the prices from a wholesaler is a fraction of the price of a retailers. Shopping around diamond/jewelry district is highly recommended and you will know which place gives you a better deal. And when you find the right place with the right diamond or engagement ring that you are looking for then that’s the time you can pull the trigger.

What are the advantages of buying diamonds in Los Angeles Diamond District?

Researching online is the first step before shopping around Los Angeles Diamond District. People prefer going on Google or Yelp to find who has the best deal or promo around the area. Referrals or recommendation from someone is a plus but consumers nowadays are basing on the company’s reviews or feedbacks online. Quality is always the question in terms of buying a diamond but this is the right place for all loose diamonds as well as certified diamonds like GIA or EGL. Try Gem Dynasty where they have a huge inventory of certified loose diamonds as well as tons of beautiful engagement rings to choose from. A wholesaler like them promotes a very good deal compared to other retailers in the market. Pricing in Los Angeles Diamond District is very competitive compare to retail stores inside the shopping malls or some known jewelry stores you see advertised on televisions. If you worry about return policy, most of the stores in the district have a money back guarantee. Others will rather have an exchange or give you a credit for you to purchase a different diamond ring.

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Engagement Ring

By Gem Dynasty

September 30, 2014

It contains a flawless stone of seven superb carats, maybe a tad more. That’s the diamond engagement ring on which George Clooney spent almost half a million pounds. Mr. Clooney assisted the jewelers in designing the ring. Its exquisite, ethically mined, emerald-cut diamond fairly glistens with sublime brilliance. In addition to the magnificence of the large stone, the ring contains two cheeky baguettes, which are smaller stones that both flank and accent the main stone. Baguette diamonds usually have 14 facets, whereas emerald-cut stones have between 50 and 58 facets.

Both are less fiery than princess or round-cut diamonds but present a dignified appearance without ostentation. The stones are set in a simple platinum band that is decorated with elegant grooves. British customs inspectors weren’t impressed or star struck, however, back in May when Clooney’s bride, Amal Alamuddin, strolled through Heathrow Airport wearing the ring. The couple will likely owe 100,000 pounds in duty because the stone came from outside the European Union!

Such things must be far from their minds, however, as they both descended on Venice on September 25, 2014 in preparation for their wedding. He looked sharp and dapper in a gray suit, and she was gorgeous in tasteful, black-and-white, horizontal stripes. Once in Venice, they boarded a water taxi that was appropriately named “Amore.” Joining them were supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber.

Festivities took place at the Hotel Cipriani on the island of Giudecca. Friday’s reception and Monday’s wedding include guests such as Matt Damon, Sandra Bullock and Ellen Barkin. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also attended, as has Cate Blanchett. All of the guests had waterborne police escorts to keep the ravenous paparazzi away from their water taxis. Mr. Clooney is said to have granted exclusive photography rights to American Vogue in exchange for a substantial donation to a charity he selected.

As expected, security personnel have been extremely diligent, and staff members attending to the wedding celebration and ceremony were issued microchips and required to sign confidentiality agreements. Rumors had abounded for months because Mr. Clooney is a regular at the renowned Venice Film Festival, and the happy couple didn’t disappoint the Italian city of 118 islands that dates to the middle of the fifth century.




How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

By Gem Dynasty

September 24, 2014

Our culture dictates that to measure the love of a man is to gauge the size of the diamond he has for his girl. Wrong! Buying for a diamond engagement ring should be pure, fulfilling, joyful and practical, and NOT strenuous! You must consider the long term effect in purchasing an engagement ring because both of your future is at stake. There are more significant elements that need to be considered like wedding, honeymoon and life after the wedding, where your savings or credit cards will surely be tried and tested.

Don’t ever allow anyone tell you what to spend!

The fifth C is as important as the 4C’s – the Cost. The amount involved in getting an engagement ring is very personal. The old tradition goes that it takes two to three months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring. But let the depth of your love and not the depths of your pocket influence your purchase. Do not let this tradition affect on how much you should spend. It must entirely be up to and your fiancée.

Three months’ salary is obsolete…..

We are now facing an increasing cost of living, graduating from college with more student loans, low entry level salaries at work, and many more challenging changes in our economy. Setting aside 3 months’ salary for an engagement ring is a big chunk of money, and you sacrifice all other reasons that are more significant in getting engaged.

Should you apply for loan to afford an engagement ring?

As you get married everything becomes conjugal and that includes debt. Do not give your wife a temporary happiness with a big diamond but a long term agony in paying a huge credit card bill. Nowadays, it is but normal to be indebted before marrying. There may be forms of financial obligations such as student loan, home mortgage, etc. that we need to fulfill for years. If debt-free is impossible at least to be less indebted is better as you enter into marriage.

If you plan to finance the diamond ring either through line of credit or credit card, assess your financial capacity first. If you wish to propose sooner but have no available cash, borrowing a reasonable amount at quickest payment term like 12 months or less is fine.

How much should an engagement ring cost?

If you will base the price of an engagement at other people’s expectation then it will be very costly. It must be done this way — whatever you think is realistic for you to afford, then, that it the right cost.

Finding a credible and trusted jeweler also matters a lot. Some jewelers would stretch your spending limit merely to sell the big stone. Others would offer you a diamond at a cheaper price but very low quality. A good and honest jeweler would ask for your budget and maximize it for the best possible quality stone; the same business approach that we practice to our customers for our main goal is total customer satisfaction.

How to find the best deal for a diamond engagement ring?

Searching online and visiting jewelry stores will help you compare and identify quality diamonds with better prices. But you should be aware of the kind of pricing they offer. Finding a diamond dealer in Los Angeles that offers diamonds at a wholesale price would definitely save you a lot of money. Other stores tend to convert its price into triple key. But when buying from a wholesaler you automatically cut the portion of the middleman and the retail store maximizing now your budget towards the best quality diamond.

Best Suggestion? After making your research, plan to visit Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District with over 5,000 independent diamond and jewelry dealers having the best wholesale prices and highest quality certified diamonds. Avoid getting overwhelmed, begin with reputable wholesale companies and you will see how competitive their prices are as compared with retail stores. Be sure to check the company’s reviews not on the quantity (number of reviews) but on the quality (rate of reviews). Coming prepared and equipped will help you become wise and practical shopper.




Wholesale Versus Retail Price for Loose Diamonds or Diamond Engagement Rings

Consumers nowadays are getting wiser looking for good deals like 50% Off, Buy 1 Get 1 Free or even $75 Off if purchase a minimum amount of $XXX. A portion of buyers chooses to simply go online shopping. And the other chunk of buyers would rather explore the diamond market and take the advantage of seeing the actual diamond for better deals on loose diamonds or diamond engagement rings. But getting an excellent deals requires that you need to understand and consider these two points: 1) Difference between wholesale and retail price of loose diamonds or engagement rings, and 2) The public benefit on the market today.


Buying from a Diamond Wholesaler

Wholesale price is said to be a sale of goods in big quantities for future resale.  However in the diamond and jewelry business, wholesale price pertains to buying diamond or jewelry NOT necessarily in large quantities but a single item at a much lower price as compared to the retail price. In most cases, wholesalers also extend the same nature and amount of services that retailers provide, and still where a consumer purchases diamond or jewelry at a cheaper (wholesale) price than the retail price. And there's a bonus: Diamond wholesalers also offer trade-ins where you can exchange your existing loose diamond or diamond engagement ring and upgrade it to a larger or higher value of stone or ring. Additional cost maybe required if the value of the diamond or diamond ring that you are trading in is lower than the price of the diamond or diamond ring you want to get. But of course, the bigger the diamond the better investment in the future!

 Buying from a Diamond Retailer

This is perfect for buyers who prefer going to shopping malls or some local jewelry stores to purchase loose diamonds or engagement rings without considering the price. But be aware that most retailers put 50-100% mark-up on top of the wholesale price. Buying from diamond retailer is good if you are only after with the quality of the diamond or the engagement ring and do not care about the price.  Since most retailers are popularized by commercial ads via televisions or radios that attracts most people to consider them as first option. It also important to say that retailers always include sales tax on every transaction they make. They usually magnify their promotion of high value of services such as professional customer service, legitimate return and exchange policies, flexible payment methods such as credit cards, deposits, layaways, including warranties and insurance in their services, which can also be provided by a wholesaler.

Wholesale Price versus Retail Price

Though consumers are looking for great deals for loose diamond or diamond engagement rings in the market, they still want to get the best quality with the best price possible.  Buyers are now smarter than those 30 years ago in terms of shopping loose diamond and engagement rings because retailers' mark up are so high that a buyer can actually buy another piece of diamond ring from a wholesaler.  According to consumer "it's 50/50 of shopper are now likely to spend cash to buy loose diamond or engagement ring in a wholesale store rather than going to retail store to buy same item with sales tax included.  Consumes are now getting wiser in terms of buying loose diamonds or engagement rings by comparing the price of the same diamond quality between stores of which wholesalers will always be the best choice!



Most people would like to know the worth of their diamond but a diamond certificate such as GIA does not indicate any dollar value in its certificate. So let us see why, how and where we can we acquire an Appraisal.



1) To make sure that a seller of a used diamond ring or diamond jewelry is getting a good deal.

The most common mistake of most sellers is that they think that they should get the same price of their used diamond ring or diamond jewelry as the appraised value. Note that an appraisal is an estimated value used for a specific purpose like for insurance.  Whereas the selling price of a used diamond jewelry is the secondary market value that varies depending on the condition of the piece; who you are selling it to; and the current market value of the diamond. Are you selling it as a diamond jewelry or just a scrap gold value? Are you dealing with a private buyer or a diamond dealer? Is the current market value for diamond and gold showing high or low? These factors are needed to be considered in selling a diamond ring or diamond jewelry.


You definitely want to dispose your valuable asset with a good return of investment, thus, knowing the difference between the Appraised Value and the Selling Price leads to a favorable deal. Appraisal whether free or not is available from most diamond dealers.


2) To make sure that a buyer for an unused diamond ring or diamond jewelry is purchasing a good deal.

In buying an unused diamond either loose or set in a ring, one must be aware of the difference between Appraisal Value versus Selling Price offered by a seller. A seller tends to offer a $30,000 worth of diamond ring for a $5,000 value only. This may look like a very tempting deal to a buyer especially when his or her knowledge about diamond pricing is limited. A buyer should take some precautions in such type of deal. He or she should know that a "Certified Appraisal" is totally different from a Diamond Certificate such as the one provided by GIA Laboratory where the grading of the diamond itself is exclusively shown in its certificate. Having an awareness of at least basic characteristics of a diamond such as carat size, cut, color and clarity is a big plus if you are buying for a good quality diamond that is priced fairly.


3) To obtain an insurance for a diamond engagement ring.

It is recommended to insure one's diamond (loose or set in ring or jewelry) through homeowner's insurance especially for a large size 

or good quality diamond. An insurance policy can cover up to $1000 and more. Diamond rings or diamond jewelries at bigger value will need a rider. Getting your diamond or diamond jewelry insured, an insurance company requires an appraisal. Be noted that the higher the appraisal value indicated in the appraisal the higher the premium of the insurance. In case of loss or damage of an insured diamond ring, most of these insurance companies cover and replace the item. If you lose a diamond worth $30,000 market value with $60,000 appraisal value, the insurance company can make a good deal but you will have to share the burden of paying almost double of your insurance premium. 



Appraisal Value, also known as Retail Replacement Value or Insurance Replacement Value, is the estimated value of the lost 

item which will be the basis of the insurer in replacing the lost piece with another one of almost the same value. Thus, an appraisal has a specific purpose and intended use. It reflects a value that is usually higher than the actual purchase price of the piece which will eventually serve as reference for bargaining for replacement item of the insurer.



Nowadays the demands for a diamond appraiser is increasingly growing. However, one must be very careful in selecting a diamond appraiser especially when it is for the purpose of obtaining an insurance because an independent diamond appraiser may potentially abuse the appraisal system. Be aware that most of these appraisers are not connected nor involved in selling diamonds or jewelries, and do not care much on the result of the appraisal for they get paid by merely looking on the piece and the diamond certificate if there is one. They have the tendency to inflate the value of an item with repercussion of high insurance premium. You've bought the best diamond at a very reasonable price but cost you more money to spend for an independent 

appraiser and even pay for higher insurance premium. Before purchasing a diamond, it is best to ask your diamond dealer if they provide a lifetime access for a FREE Appraisal to help you get covered in any event of losses or damages.





We all need changes because change gives us a fresh and whole new perspectives in life... an excitement! Most couples who are married for a long time need to consider upgrading their center diamond or even the whole diamond ring, maybe get a bigger size or different shape of a diamond. No women would refuse for a bigger or better quality diamond with the right deal!


Diamond Trade In Maybe Deceiving

Most jewelry stores provide competitive offers as trade in for your diamond. They even accept the trade in for the amount that you purchase originally your diamond merely to get done with the deal. This may look so promising but you must be very careful in accepting the deal!

Let's say you have a 0.72ct Diamond G color VS1 clarity and you want to trade it in for a 1.30ct Diamond of the same color and clarity. The jeweler would be willing to pay $3000 (the amount that you originally paid for the diamond) and apply this value towards the 1.30ct Diamond with the retail price of $5000, leaving you a balance of $2000. The tricky part here is that the jeweler did not tell you that the 1.30ct Diamond is on sale for 60% off even without the trade in. It is very clear then that the upgrade affects your savings for you had to pay the balance of $2000 instead of getting the discounted price of the store.

Points to Consider in Upgrading A Diamond

The Size

When you wish to upgrade your diamond you should get a bigger size noticeable enough versus your old diamond. If you have a 0.72ct Diamond, consider getting a 1.00ct - 1.25ct Diamond in order to enjoy the upgrade and noticeable to your friends as well.

The Millimeter

Even if a diamond is 0.25 bigger than the other, both may look the same in size. The size difference is magnified by the actual width of the diamond known as millimeter size (mm). It is important to note that most of the stones being sold in the market are "spready" where the stone is thin and narrow. Thus, this kind of stone, faces up much bigger than they actually are. Let's say a 1.70ct Round Diamond could look like 2.00ct because of the way it is cut and the millimeter size as well.

Here are the standard millimeter sizes of Diamond Carat Weights:















































































































































The Clarity

Frankly, upgrading your diamond to have a better clarity is a waste of money and time for it is not visible with the naked eye. A VVS Diamond and VS Diamond would look very similarly closed. So why spend more for something that is not obvious?

The Color

When upgrading your diamond for a bigger size, you must also take into consideration the color. The bigger the size of your stone the more visible the color will be. Comparing between a 1.00ct Diamond with color I and a 2.00ct Diamond with color J, you will definitely see a big disparity where the latter is more inferior (more yellowish) than the former that is smaller but with better color.

The Setting

You should also be open in replacing your old ring because the new bigger diamond might not be safe to be set in the old setting. A bigger and heavier diamond makes the head of the ring lean to the side for there is more weight now on the top part of the ring. The mounting has to be adjusted by setting the diamond deeper preventing the stone to fall out. Never compromise the safety of your precious stone for a few hundred dollars setting.




Why cut grade is important for a round diamond?

Many people who buy diamond get confused between diamond cut and diamond shape mistaking a shape as type of cut. More often than not, buyers give more weight on the 3C's (Carat, Color and Clarity) and ignoring the crucial effect of the "4th C", the Cut grade.

A diamond cut greatly affects the sparkle of a diamond. It is how well a diamond is proportioned. It pertains to the symmetry or how symmetrical the diamond sections are. Symmetry & proportions are responsible in allowing a diamond to have a proper reflection of light entering from any direction to be totally reflected through the top and dispersed into a gorgeous display of color. If the symmetry, proportions and polish are made perfectly, the diamond will display an excellent sparkle and most likely be graded as "Ideal Cut Grade".

In the past, little importance was given to the quality of diamond cut and grading was mainly focused on color and clarity. But the  beginning of the 20th century, when an optical brilliance was studied deeper, the forms of diamond cuts developed through trial and error. Year of 1910 came when the calculations had been applied where the physical and optical properties of a diamond  such as dispersion, light refraction and hardness were highly considered for maximum brilliance through an accurate proportions and symmetry. Such style of cut underwent the longest and highest degree of development  as it started long ago as the first century B.C, and only in the 20th century did it arrive in full maturity in the form of a round brilliant cut diamond.

Ideal Diamond Cut


Round diamonds with ideal cut grade have the most brilliance when the weight of the diamond is proportional. It means that the top and bottom parts of the stone are very close to the same weight. And with this balance, the facets can be aligned (cut) to reflect the light perfectly coming in right back up the top part of the diamond giving a fiery or sparkling look. Such factors which contribute to the proportions are girdle diameter, table diameter, total depth, crown height, thickness of the girdle, pavilion depth, angle of the crown facets to the plane of the girdle, and angle of the pavilion facets to the plane of the girdle. The more the diamond cutter deviates from the mathematically correct proportions, the more the brilliance is compromised, and in effect the lower the quality of the cut. But a slight deviation from standard does not bring any loss of brilliance in a diamond.


Buying a diamond requires familiarity on the diamond cut grade. Getting a beautiful round diamond with an ideal cut grade to a very good cut grade is far more important than any other characteristics of the diamond grading process. Diamond certificates for round shape diamonds should give high regard on the cut grade. 


When is fluorescence significant in a diamond?

A diamond is not merely valued for its 4 C’s (Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut) but also the presence of fluorescence. Fluorescence is how a diamond responds when exposed to ultra-violet light as its exposure can show colors such as glow of blue, white, yellow, green or even red.



                                                        Shortwave UV light is ON 

From left to right, where the first diamond shows Very Strong or Extreme Fluorescence that brings out a very bright glow effect. The second diamond having a Strong or Distinct Fluorescence which gives a bright glow look. Third one has a Medium or Moderate Fluorescence thus easily noticeable glow. And the forth diamond with Faint or Slight Fluorescence showing barely noticeable glow.


                                                         Shortwave UV light is OFF

If you are planning to get a diamond with the color range between H to J then consider a Medium Blue Fluorescence for this will make your stone look slightly whiter. But if you prefer to buy a diamond with a G or higher color then experts suggest to find a diamond with either No Fluorescence or Faint Fluorescence.

Most diamond certifications like GIA or EGL show the fluorescent grading of the diamond as inferior yet an expert would say that strong or very strong blue fluorescent diamonds usually appear brighter. Medium blue fluorescent diamonds are rarely to appear hazy and slight or faint blue fluorescent ones usually never appear hazy.  As a matter of fact, diamond’s fluorescence usually improves the appearance of color in the stone. It makes the stone looks more colorless without any negative effects. Again, diamonds with strong or very strong fluorescence appeared to have a better color than less fluorescent stone and the effect was more noticeable in I to K colors. 

Therefore, if you decide to purchase a diamond at a limited budget then take big consideration of the color versus the fluorescence so you can pick the best looking diamond for the woman you love without straining yourself financially.


Which is the Better for An Engagement Ring -- White Gold or Platinum?


After choosing the style for your engagement rings, you need to identify the type of metal to be used for the ring, if it's white gold or platinum. These two type of metals are considered to be the most in demand in the jewelry industry. They are both unique in their characteristics, but they also share similar properties. If you’re shopping for an engagement or wedding ring, and unsure of whether white gold or platinum is the better choice, it is but wise to educate yourself on these 4 aspects of metal: cost, durability, appearance and weight. 


A lot of people are surprised to discover that white gold and platinum cost roughly the same amount of money per gram. However, the platinum engagement rings are usually more expensive than white gold engagement rings.

Here are the reasons:

  • Platinum is a much denser metal, thus, more of this metal is needed in order to create an engagement ring.
  • Platinum engagement rings are typically made up of 95% platinum whereas an 18k white gold engagement ring is only 75% gold.

With these facts, purchasing a platinum engagement rings or wedding ring connotes more money!


When it comes to durability, both metals have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Platinum and White Gold are both strong metals. But platinum is more durable and stronger than white gold. Although platinum is more durable, it’s softer than white gold. And since it’s softer, platinum tends to be more vulnerable to scratching than white gold. But the good news is that both gold and platinum can be polished to restore its original appearance.

If gold is your choice of metal, experts recommend to choose 14k instead of 18k. Although 18k gold is more valuable, it is much softer than 14k gold and tend to get scratched easier.


Both white Gold and platinum have distinct appearances. Platinum is naturally white, and gold has a natural yellow hue.  Obviously, it’s often the color difference between these two metals that wind up being the deciding factor for most people.

If you prefer the look of a white engagement ring, you may be considering white gold instead of platinum. White gold is less expensive and its appearance is so similar to white platinum. What gives white gold its white appearance are the alloys used and its rhodium plating. Be noted, however, that as time goes by, the rhodium plating will fade and the gold’s natural yellow hue will start to show. Yet, as mentioned earlier, you can always polish the engagement ring to restore its white appearance. If you have an extra budget though, platinum is naturally white and will never fade to becoming yellow.


Another consideration is the weight of both metals. Platinum engagement rings tend to be heavier than white gold rings mainly because platinum is denser than gold. Hence, if you're looking for a lightweight engagement ring, you may want to consider white gold metal instead.

Both white gold and platinum are excellent choices for wedding bands or engagement rings. Ultimately, your budget limit would probably be the deciding factor in buying the right engagement ring. If you have the flexibility, opt for platinum as it’s the most durable metal.


How to Choose the Right Place to Propose

Searching for a place to propose is as important in finding the right diamond engagement ring. Every couple is different. A certain location may be perfect for a certain couple but inappropriate to another. Keep these helpful tips in mind when choosing the right setting for your wedding proposal.

Make An Assessment On Your Partner’s Personality

See if she is a private person or someone who wants center of attention. This way you can decide whether or not your proposal should be in an intimate setting or in a public place.

If your partner prefers privacy, it may not be the best idea to use a football arena to propose. An intimate setting with only the two of you can be the best option to consider. If she enjoys an attention, proposing in a public set up may sweep her off her feet.  

Indoor versus Outdoor Proposal

Is she an outdoor type, or prefers staying indoors? If she enjoys the great outdoors, you may want to propose on a romantic camping trip or by the beach dramatized by a sunset. You can also consider a romantic restaurant or a family get-together that shows sincerity. 

Choose a Special Place

When getting an engagement ring for your proposal, you also need to put emphasis on sentimental element for the location, something that is special to both of you. Some examples can be a spot where you spent your first date or perhaps your favorite restaurant that will melt her heart. Choosing the perfect place for the perfect engagement ring connotes that you are heading your way to an even more special and romantic moment. 

When choosing a setting for your proposal, there are places that you may want to avoid:

  • During family member’s or friend’s wedding day for it is very disrespectful.
  • Noisy places like concerts or sporting events where there is a tendency that your partner will not hear your magical word and also divert her attention.
  • At a family member's or friend's home with an exemption during holidays or family get-together.


Buying Loose Diamonds Is Not So Scary


When you are looking for an engagement ring, diamond engagement rings to be specific, you will find a lot of choices out there, especially when you start looking at different engagement ring designs. So one way to cut through all the clutter and complete a first big step is to find your stone, and looking at loose diamonds is the way to get the best deal.

Most retailers will have multiple wholesale diamond dealers with whom they work. They can get any loose diamond you are looking for if you just give them a few details and some time to hunt. One important way to figure out what will make that special someone happy is to look at the so-called 4 C's of diamonds.

The first C stands for Carat, and that is the weight or mass of a stone. Different weights can have different looks and values depending on many factors.

The second C stands for Clarity, and that is a measure of how many imperfections, or inclusions, are in a diamond. They range from IF for Internally Flawless, through VVS and VS for very, slightly included, all the way to I for Included. A popular sweet spot for large, pretty solitaires is SI, which should be clean to the naked eye.

The third C is for Color, and it can be one of many determinations. White diamonds are judged from D, for perfectly white and clear, to L, which is slightly brown or yellow. There are other fancy colors, like Chocolate or Champagne, or even the exotic, expensive ones like Fancy Pink or Fancy Blue. Those can really shoot up the value of a stone.

The final C is for Cut, and there are a lot of things to look at here. First, there are the diamond shapes, like round brilliant, princess (square), pear, and marquis. There are other diamond shapes out there, including some custom cut. Those can vary a price both up or down.

Another, often overlooked part of the last C is the quality of the cut. This is given a rate from Poor, through Fair and Good, to Excellent. It looks at the quality of the polish, the precision of the cuts, and the proportions of the facets. Since what you are ultimately looking for is something that sparkles, something that really plays with light on someone's hand, this aspect can outweigh both clarity and color.

Buying loose diamonds for diamond engagement rings does not have to be intimidating. A loose diamond retailer is going to have access to wholesale diamond dealers, and that can save you money, while still guaranteeing quality. Most importantly, it will help you see that happiness when you give it to the person you love.




First, we need to understand the meaning of a diamond shape which is the physical form or appearance of a stone. Most common shapes are round, cushion, princess, asscher, emerald, radiant, heart, pear, oval and marquise.


Diamond shape is different from the diamond cut as the latter is the ability of a diamond to reflect light. The cut pertains to the facets and angles, its number, symmetry, proportions, that all affect how the light reflects out of the stone. Diamond cut grading ranges from Excellent to Poor showing as much light as possible to least light losing from the sides or bottom of the diamond. An excellent cut diamond will reflect so much light at the top face or table of the stone bringing out brilliant and fiery effect. A nice brilliance then affect the value of a diamond and very much crucial to consider in buying a diamond.


Now that you have a clear understanding of the difference between the shape and the cut of a diamond, it is important to identify the shape that is best suited to your future wife unless she has already preference for it. Otherwise, consider these two important points that can lead you to get the best diamond engagement ring:


A.) Her Style versus the Center Stone

You've been with her for quite some time and you should have at least an idea of what kind of personality she has -- her taste, her style. This will give you a gauge of what shape for a center stone to get. If she is a traditional type, she will more likely suited for a round shape diamond. If she is a fashionable type, she may perhaps prefer unusual shape. Or if sentimental, she will probably choose heart shaped diamond.

Also, women with shorter fingers should go for an elongated styles like marquise, pear or oval. You must also avoid bands that are wide making her fingers looks even shorter. Whereas women with longer hands should have radiant or princess.


B.) The Engagement Ring to Complement the Center Stone

After deciding for the center stone, it will be easier for you to identify the ring that will complement her stone and her finger. A certain diamond shape fits to a specific style of setting. Round, oval, princess, cushion, radiant or marquise shapes are best suited to a multi-stone ring. While pear, heart or trilliant are best displayed in a solitaire ring. The style of the ring truly enhance the beauty of a diamond, thus, getting the right engagement ring is very important.  

It also good to identify if it's going to be white gold or yellow gold ring with special consideration on the color of the center stone. If the diamond color is on the yellowish side, yellow gold is highly recommended so that the center diamond will blend well and not look inferior with the ring. 

These are but few yet significant pointers to have in buying a diamond engagement ring in order to have a perfect ring for the perfect woman!  


Why Round Diamonds Are More Expensive Than Other Shapes?

The price of a diamond is greatly affected by the shape. Round diamonds have been the most widely known shape over the years where 75 percent of it are sold across the globe. Round cut diamond's popularity has a direct connection with its optimal brilliance over other shapes where most diamonds in round cut category are considered brilliant cut thus very ideal for jewelry. It even dictates the higher prices than fancy shapes mainly brought about by higher manufacturing costs and more demands in the market.

It is noteworthy to mention also that while the demands for round cut diamonds is higher, the yield is basically lower. These two points contribute to the higher cost per carat weight of a round diamond. If the demand gets higher, the price automatically  gets expensive. Whereas, the lower yield is mainly due to the fact that the round shape relies on the number of facets where the amount of rough stone is wasted to create a brilliant cut. Hence, the cost per carat  of round diamonds is higher.  The brilliance of round cut diamond is mainly affected by the mechanics of its shape allowing the maximum light to be reflected. Most of round diamonds carry 58 facets or flat polished surface. If the stone only has 57 facets then the culet is not present indicating small facet at the bottom of the diamond.

Fancy shape diamonds include all other shapes such as princess, emerald, asscher, radiant, princess, marquise, oval, heart and pear shapes. Getting a fancy shape diamond can give you more savings and an opportunity to obtain a bigger size and higher quality stone against your budget.  Comparing the round diamond  with fancy shapes, the cost of the round diamond will be about 25 - 35 percent more than the other cut diamonds. Yet, despite the costliness, round diamonds still dominates the market as the most favorite choice of diamond jewelry buyers.



Nowadays, all shopping activities can be done online. We have this notion of practicality -- saving time and money with one click of a button. This is good if we are just getting regular items but definitely not for a diamond.

If you're thinking that you would get more savings through online purchase, your expectation may be compromised. Yes, you can select the diamond online within your set budget but you are likely to get a diamond of a lesser quality because online description is bound to discrepancies. Whereas seeing the actual diamond can give you the exact diamond and more price flexibility especially when we you deal with a wholesaler like Gem Dynasty that can give you an extra room for your budget.

A. Buying an actual diamond the way it is described

When you make an online purchase especially for a certified diamond, it is always safer and more realistic to getting it from an actual store. Diamonds may look more attractive online as it may be on sale or may fit within your budget but don't be carried away on how it is advertised because your eyes must do the justice not only the diamond certification nor the seller's online presentation. Avoid being disappointed and getting the hassles of returning it along with some hidden charges included with your diamond purchase.

Undeniably, an in-store buying gives you a 100% satisfaction rather than the network buying having the tendency of giving you false promises. At Gem Dynasty, you will have the assurance of purchasing legitimate diamond certified by GIA or EGL USA at a wholesale price.

B. All of your diamond inquiries are well-addressed

Unlike online shopping where you are limited to ask questions about the diamond engagement ring, visiting the store provides you more peace of mind as you definitely have further or even different set of questions upon seeing the actual diamond. Gem Dynasty make sure to provide our customer crystal clear answers to any question our customer may have. From diamond specifications up to price guide we can walk you through.

C. Diamond price online is NO different on in-store pricing

Get rid of the wrong notion that shopping online is cheaper than in-store buying. Gem Dynasty has such very competitive price. We value all of our certified diamonds at a wholesale price and we're proud to say that our pricing is considered one of the lowest prices in Los Angeles Jewelry District.  We are more than glad to extend financial assistance to our clients in order to stay within their budget whether big or small, and to fulfill their satisfaction of getting the best possible stone for their budget.

D. Feel the comfort of meeting the diamond seller

As you shop in-store for your diamond, you will have a sense of comfort rather than having a cloud of doubts. Gem Dynasty offers an environment of trust and confidence as we educate first and foremost our customer before diving into purchasing. And since your convenience is our gold, we provide you all types of payments.

E. Make your crucial decision feel right

You've waited for the right moment and you deserved to get the right diamond. You've invested a lot and you need to gain reasonably. Hand selecting a diamond and engagement ring is so much more exciting and assuring path as you get more personal when you see the actual sparkle of a diamond and amazing style of an engagement ring. So let her dream be an amazing reality as Gem Dynasty make it happen for you! 

Buying an Engagement Ring

If you're in the market to buy an engagement ring, congratulations! You're about to make one of the biggest decisions of your life, and you undoubtedly want to present your intended with something that reflects how important she is to you. Proposing is among the most romantic things that you can do, but buying the actual engagement ring should be done with a clear head. Attempting to do so while you're swept away in emotion is a surefire way to spend far too much for something that's not quite right. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your engagement ring purchase goes off without a hitch.

Buy Wholesale Diamond

First, the best way to stretch your dollar while still ending up with something truly impressive is by purchasing a loose stone and having it set in the setting of your choice by a professional jeweler. To do this, you'll need to visit the jewelry district of a major city, and you should have a fairly good idea about what you have in mind.

Choosing a Diamond

Like approximately 90 percent of guys, you're probably looking for a diamond. Keep the four Cs in mind while selecting one: color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Round-cut diamonds are the most popular by far. Princess cuts, or square cuts, are also fairly ubiquitous. Cushion cut, which is a cross between a round cut and a princess cut, is also a solid choice.


Selecting a Setting

You'll need an engagement ring for your loose stone, and there are a few different ways to go in this department. You can buy one "off the rack," or you can have one custom-designed by a professional jeweler. Either way, you need to decide which type of precious metal to use. The most popular choices are platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Additionally, choose a general style prior to shopping in earnest. The best way to go here is to consider your girlfriend's overall style. Is her look more modern, or does it tend to be more classic, traditional or flat-out glamorous? The perfect setting will mesh well with your beloved's typical look.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed while looking for an engagement ring. By opting for a wholesale, loose stone and having it professionally set, you can save a lot of money and end up with something that's truly one of a kind. A little more legwork may be involved, but it will all pay off when your proposal is responded to with a single, exhilarating word: yes.


Why Not Propose to Him?

Some modern women exuberantly defy tradition just because they can. However, even the most progressive feminists don’t exactly feel comfortable with the idea of proposing to a man. Only 10 percent of American women have boldly taken the lead in the ritual of proposing marriage. 

Pop singer Pink made news headlines after proposing to her motocross boyfriend Carey Hart. She proposed to him by holding up a sign that said, "Will you marry me?" He saw the sign when approaching her as she stood on the sidelines of one of his motocross runs. At first, Hart thought she was joking. She knew he would think it was a joke, so she turned the sign over. The back of the sign said, "I'm not kidding." Fortunately, he accepted her proposal. Pink and her husband have been happily married for many years.

International Traditions 

Women from Finland are advised to propose specifically on leap day because it is thought that this particular day will bring them good luck. Historically, if a man refused a proposal on leap day, he had to pay a fine. The fine was paid by providing enough fabric for the woman to make a skirt.

Queen Margaret of Scotland allegedly made a law in 1288 that allowed women to propose to men on leap day. However, there was a catch; the women were required to wear a red petticoat to warn the men of their intentions.

Engagement Rings for Men

Believe it or not, there are engagement rings specifically designed for men. When it comes to jewelry, most men tend to lean toward a more conservative look. The best way for a woman to go about getting an engagement ring for a man is to choose a custom design. This way, she can be sure that it will fit with his specific style. If he likes diamonds, they can be bought from a wholesale diamond seller for a an excellent price. Buying wholesale diamonds will help to make up for the extra expense of a custom engagement ring. Many wholesalers can help to design a ring that will suit the personal style of the intended groom.

Finding a wholesale diamond seller near you is a simple task. For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, type “certified diamonds Los Angeles” into the Google search bar. Read customer reviews online to gather information about wholesalers. Yelp has a helpful website that allows customers to post their experiences with all types of businesses. Reading these reviews will help you to make a decision on the wholesale diamond seller that is right for you.



How Do I Determine the Resale Value of My Diamonds and Gold?

Before attempting to sell diamonds or gold, there are a few things that you should know.

Factors Used to Estimate the Value of Gold

As a rule, the value of gold is determined by karat quality and weight. You can usually find the karat stamp on the inside of your jewelry pieces. Once you have found this, weigh your gold so that you'll know exactly what you have to sell. Gold prices can be researched online and through jewelry stores that buy gold. The market price for gold tends to fluctuate, so be sure to check the current price before attempting to sell. Keep in mind that you will be getting a wholesale price for your gold. This means that the amount offered to you will be slightly less than the market price. If you are not satisfied with the price you’ve been offered, you can shop around for a better price. In addition to shopping around, you should sell your gold to a reputable jewelry store or wholesaler.

How to Determine the Value of a Diamond

The true value of a diamond is determined by its unique characteristics. The color, cut, carat weight and clarity of a diamond are a few of the elements used in an appraisal. If you have a GIA certificate, the price for your diamond will be easier to determine. If you don’t have one, find a jewelry store or a wholesale diamond buyer that is qualified to appraise it. Using a wholesale diamond buyer is a quick way to get a fair price for your diamond. Trying to sell it yourself can be both difficult and time consuming.

Wholesalers buy and sell certified diamonds. They also keep up with the current market trends and prices for diamonds. Many wholesale diamond buyers have been certified to appraise diamonds. This can be accomplished in a short amount of time, which makes it much more convenient to use a wholesale diamond buyer to evaluate your diamonds.

Take the time to research wholesalers in your area. You can find local wholesale diamond buyers on the Internet. For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, type "loose diamonds Los Angeles" into the Google search bar. 

Be sure to read the online reviews of the wholesale diamond buyers you plan to visit. Yelp is an
excellent website that provides reviews from customers who post their personal experiences with wholesale and retail businesses. If you can’t find reviews, check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are any complaints against the dealers you plan on visiting. Once you find a wholesale diamond buyer, call and ask questions about their credentials. Ask about their certifications and the years of experience they have in the jewelry business. 

It's good to learn the methods used to evaluate the price of precious metals and diamonds. This will help you to feel more confident about selling your diamonds and gold.


Where is the Best Place to Have My Jewelry Appraised? 

If you are curious as to where you should have your jewelry appraised, you won't have to look very far. Practically every city in the nation has a certified jewelry appraiser. If you are looking to sell your diamond ring or for the purpose of insurance for an insured jewelry that is lost or stolen, an appraisal is an excellent tool to help you recoup your loss. However, it is important to understand that the replacement value defines the value of brand new jewelry at current retail prices.

Before hiring a jewelry appraiser, be sure that he or she is certified. A good appraiser should hold one or more national certifications. They should also have years of experience appraising jewelry and observing current market trends. You wouldn't be looking for an appraiser that deals mainly in metals and has very little experience with diamonds or precious gemstones. 

When seeking an appraisal for an engagement ring, it's best to visit a diamond wholesaler. Wholesale diamond buyers keep up with the latest market trends and prices for diamonds. Additionally, many wholesalers are certified diamond sellers, and they have years of experience to bolster their professional opinions on the prices for loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings. These verbal appraisals are free of charge, and they can result in an offer to buy your diamonds for an excellent price. 

Getting an appraisal for a small amount of jewelry to sell for cash may not be worth doing; the fee for a certified appraisal may be larger than the value  of the jewelry. Appraisal fees vary, so be sure to ask how much you will be charged before having your jewelry appraised.

Certified appraisals are good to have for placing a dollar value on large amounts of jewelry for estate sales, insurance purposes and peace of mind. This is especially true for those who own large natural gemstones and loose diamonds.

You can easily find a jewelry appraiser by performing a simple online search. Once you have a list of jewelry appraisers in your area, call them to ask questions about their credentials. This is the best way to ascertain the number of educational certificates they possess and the amount of experience they have in the jewelry appraisal business.

If you are thinking about selling a diamond, contact a wholesale diamond buyer. Diamond wholesalers buy and sell large numbers of loose diamonds and engagement rings each day. To quickly find a wholesale diamond buyer near you, use the Google search engine. It's quite simple to find a local wholesaler in a matter of seconds. For instance, if you live in the Los Angeles area, simply type the term "certified diamond buyer Los Angeles" into the Google search bar. You should also use the website Yelp to check reviews of wholesale diamond buyers and appraisers in your area. This will be of great assistance in finding a reputable business to appraise your jewelry.

Consider all of the above tips before talking to certified jewelry appraisers or diamond wholesalers. They will be extremely helpful in the effort to find the true value of your precious jewelry pieces.




Diamonds Are Girl's Best Friend

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